Posted: January 18, 2012 in Survival
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In a survival situation it is important to stay calm and avoid being careless or impatient.  You must learn to recognize and control your fear.  Remember that there is always something you can do to improve your situation.  Consider all of the facts then make effective decisions.

Formulate responses based on safety, security and survival.  Use all of your senses and trust that gut feeling that you get that tells you that something is wrong.  Use common sense to avoid situations and locations that increase your risk of danger.  Remember maximize your distance to a threat; minimize yourself as a target and keep your muzzle between you and the threat.

Your survival depends upon applying survival principles and adapting them to your situation.  You must take responsibility for your own survival and not rely on anyone else to save you.  Outside help may be coming, but there will be times when outside help is not available, so you must rely on yourself.

Develop the will to survive.  You must have the mindset that you will survive.  Attitude and determination are great allies just as doubt and fear are your enemies.  Stay calm and don’t worry about things that you can’t control.  Keep your eyes and ears focused on the task at hand and be aware of your surroundings.  You must think clearly and react accordingly.

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