Concealment Vest

Posted: February 1, 2012 in Equipment
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One of my favorite concealment vests for concealed carry is the Blue Stone Safety Concealment Vest which is currently available in Olive Drab and Black and rumor has it may be available later this year in Desert Tan. 

This vest contains internal gun pockets on the left and right interior sides as well as 5 interior magazine holders and an additional slot to hold 5 rifle cartridges.  Also inside the vest are 2 very large zippered pockets.

The outside of the vest features 12 additional pockets 4 of which are extremely large.  Personally I find  it much more convenient to fully conceal my weapon in one of the large outside pockets, on the strong side, as the draw is much quicker than using one of the internal gun pockets.  The pockets throughout are either zippered, velcro or have snaps depending on their location.

The vest also contains 3 rings on the exterior to attach items and 2 adjustable ties in the back to adjust the fit.  The vest is made of 80% polyester and 20% cotton and also comes with an American flag patch sewn on the left breast pocket. 

The vest is durable and easy to maintain but I would suggest washing seperate from your other clothes as the colors may run.  This garment should not be placed in a dryer.  Don’t forget to empty all those pockets first before washing.

For those who like to add patches to their vests the material will easily accomodate sewn patches.  If you do decide to order this vest take your shirt size and order one size larger as they tend to run small.  So if you wear an XL sweatshirt for example then order the next vest size up which would be 2XL.  The vest is available in sizes S through 5XL.

I find the vest useful for carrying a full size concealed handgun (you have your permit to do so right), extra magazines, a reserve Molle M4 holster, a reserve Molle mag pouch, bandaids, bandana, flashlight and spare batteries. 


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