Concealed Carry Body Language

Posted: March 6, 2012 in Weapons
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Concealed Carry means exactly what it says; carrying a weapon concealed so that you know it is there but nobody else does.  Even if you don’t own or carry a weapon it is a wise idea to learn the body language of those who do carry a weapon.  The following are things you should be aware of when carrying concealed.

  • Avoid skin tight clothing that can accentuate a concealed carry gun.
  • Make sure your covering garment such as a coat, long shirt, etc., is still long enough to cover your weapon in the event you have to reach up; so the muzzle end of the holster does not show.
  • Avoid movements such as patting your weapon through your clothing to make sure your weapon is still there.  It is a tell tale sign that you are carrying and should not be done.
  • Be careful when sitting in restaurants to avoid the weapon, under your clothing, hitting the table or chair where the sound of contact between weapon and wood or metal tables and chairs can be heard.
  • Make certain when you bend or lean forward the holster and or gun do not swing forward to be revealed from under your covering garment.
  • Wear the right clothes appropriate to your environment.  A heavy jacket in a hot environment is not only a no no but is another tell tale sign that you are hiding something, likely a weapon.
  • Never flash your weapon.
  • You do have your CCW permit right!!!

Carrying a concealed weapon should be something done discreetly in the event your life is in immediate, imminent danger.  It is not for showing off or displaying publically; it is for your personal self defense if the situation should warrant the use of defensive force.


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