M48 Hawk Review

Posted: March 13, 2012 in Weapons
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The United Cutlery M48 Hawk is a tactical, tomahawk/tool which can be used for a variety of applications from self defense to chopping small trees.  It is a lightweight yet durable tool/weapon with excellent chopping, slashing, breaching and cutting potential.

The axe head and spike are constructed of stainless steel and are securely attached to the nylon/fiberglass reinforced handle with three seperate bolts.  The handle is also wrapped with nylon paracord.  It comes complete with a nylon, snap button sheath which also houses a compass.  The blade is 8 1/2″ and the overall length of the weapon is 15 1/2″. 

The edges are razor sharp and they hold their edges well.  It is a well balanced, well constructed weapon and presents a good intimidation factor.  It can be used as both a tool and as a self defense weapon out in the wild or within a confined space.

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