The Book of Eli – Movie Review

Posted: March 14, 2012 in Movies and TV
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The movie The Book of Eli is about a man, heading west, on a highway littered with death in post apocalyptic America.  He is on a mission, unsure of why he was chosen for this mission but knowing that at all costs he must complete it.  He is carrying a book that could revive society or in the wrong hands, further destroy it.  Cannabilistic thugs ambush weary travelers, water and batteries become increasingly hard to find, conflicts are around every corner as a power hungry warlord seeks to control everything and human life is cheapened at every turn.

The movie is well done and will keep you guessing right up until the end, as one of the key mysteries of the movie is kept cleverly hidden.  As post apocalyptic movies go this one is right up there with some of the best.

  1. Accidental Survivalist says:

    I loved this movie. There are several factors in this movie that make you think what would you do to obtain water? How would you barter in a fallen society since money is of little value? What would you do for defense since ammunition will be a limited resource?

    The sword fighting was cool, however unrealistic, but it does make one think of what type of blade weapon would you choose for defense. Cheap katanas are in an abundant supply, but are they really what you are going to trust your life too.

  2. rmactsc says:

    One of the things I really enjoy about these types of movies is that it gets you thinking about how you would go about surviving if a similar scenario happened. For weapons I personally think an AR-15 rifle, a Mossberg 590A1 12 gauge shotgun, a S&W M&P 45 handgun, an elite forces fixed blade knife and a United Cutlery M48 hawk (tomahawk) should do quite nicely.

    • Accidental Survivalist says:

      I need to add a shotgun and have been debating on the Mossberg 590 or the Remington 800. I like my AK, more than the AR, but both are good to have. The movie has me looking at a sword type weapon. I am thinking about the golok style machete. The tomahawk does look cool though.

      • rmactsc says:

        I have the Mossberg 500 and the Mossberg 590A1, the Remington 870 and the Remington 887. My personal ranking of each is my Mossberg 590A1 is my go to shotgun followed by my Remington 887, then my Remington 870, then my Mossberg 500. Another good shotgun I have is the H&R Pardner. For a longer barreled shotgun the Mossberg 835 which I also own works well. Good luck on your future purchases.

  3. I really enjoyed this movie, nice review!

  4. This is definitely one of the better ‘existence’ movies out there. I tend to separate these post apocalyptic movies into two groups (The existence type which give you humans turned monstrous and the Monster type ones with zombies etc.

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