Taking Prisoners If Your Home Is Invaded

Posted: March 28, 2012 in Tactics
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If your home is invaded by a thug or looter it may be necessary to take prisoners.  Taking a prisoner is much harder than it may initially seem as your adrenelin is surging and everything you do ultimately comes down to life and death.  The following are some things to consider if you have to take a prisoner.

  • Watch the intruders hands at all times.  If an intruder moves his hands he may be going for a weapon.
  • With weapon in hand you must take charge and in a strong, commanding voice warn the intruder “drop your weapon, hands in the air, DO IT NOW.”
  • Do not allow the intruder to plead, stall or move closer.  If he is not obeying you then he is looking for ways to overpower you.
  • Command the intruder to place his hands over his head, turn around, slowly lie down on the floor by first getting to his knees, then to his stomach, then order him to place his hands behind his back palms outward.
  • Do not allow the intruder to speak, if he tries tell him to shut up.  Call 911 while keeping the intruder covered with your weapon.  If he is breaking into your home then he is scum. 
  • While on the phone with 911 identify yourself as the lawful homeowner and describe what you look like and what you are wearing and what the intruder looks like and what he is wearing and your relative positions to each other. IE (the criminal is on the floor).  Keep the 911 operator on the phone until the police arrive.
  • Make sure the 911 operator knows you are covering the prisoner with a weapon so that when the police arrive they do not mistake you for the criminal.  Repeat to the 911 operator often your description and the criminals description, your relative positions to each other and that you are keeping the criminal at bay with a firearm until the police arrive as you are in fear for your life.  Repeat this over and over so the police are fully aware of the situation and do not go after the wrong person.
  • When the police arrive, lower your weapon and follow their instructions.

  1. Honestly, great advice. Something I had never considered being a possibility. Good work.

  2. rmactsc says:

    Thanks Lord Brockington. I try to cover as much survival information as possible and I hope it is beneficial to my readers.

  3. phoebe53 says:

    If someone invades my home there will be no prisoners.

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