Staying Alive When The Apocalypse Happens

Posted: April 4, 2012 in Tactics
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So you’ve survived the apocalypse and now you find yourself trying to stay alive in a hostile world filled with thugs, criminals, looters and raiders.  They are everywhere so to increase your survival chances you must minimize any target indicators that you give off.

A target indicator is anything that will reveal your location to an enemy.  As you move throughout the post apocalyptic world avoid giving off the following target indicators.

  • Avoid walking on creaky wooden floors or stepping on twigs or branches.
  • Avoid your reflection showing in windows, mirrors and other shiny surfaces.
  • Avoid giving off shadows.
  • Avoid having your gun muzzle protrude from around a corner.
  • Avoid the sounds of your clothing scraping against a wall.
  • Avoid leaving a previously closed door open after you have entered a location and vice versa.
  • Avoid leaving the smell of tobacco in a location where that smell was not present before.
  • Avoid colognes and scented soaps as these smells can be easy to track.
  • Avoid leaving footprints especially muddy footprints.
  • Avoid leaving palm prints on foggy windows.
  • Avoid talking when not necessary as sounds can travel a good distance.
  • Avoid wearing gear and other equipment which rattles.
  • Avoid quick and jerky movements.
  • Avoid creating strong cooking odors.


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