My Favorite Battle Rifle

Posted: April 16, 2012 in Weapons
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The weather is getting warmer which means the outdoor range in my area is now open on weekends (free of charge to use with reservation) so I’m going through the gun locker to decide what weapons I’d like to take to the range.  while I have many to choose from I tend to take a handful of my favorites on a regular basis.  My absolute favorite battle rifle which will be going to the range with me is my Century International FAL L1A1.

This weapon is a copy of the FAL which is currently in use in over 90 countries and is comprised of surplus parts and American parts to comply with 922r compliance rules.  The L1A1 designation is the British version which uses the inch version while many of the other European countries use the metric version.

This rifle is chambered for .308 ammunition and uses a post and fork iron sight system adjustable out to 900 yards.  The gas system can be regulated by a ring located behind the frontsight, with settings from 0 – 11 to control the gas pressure which compensates for fouling, sand or differences in .308 ammunition.   Standard settings tend to be either 3 or 4. 

The front sight is adjustable for elevation only and the rear sight is adustable for both windage and elevation.  The rifle weighs approximately 11 pounds with a fully loaded 20 round magazine.  Additional features to look for or add are a slip on butt stock to reduce felt recoil, a single point sling attachment, a carry handle, a bipod and a muzzle brake.

The price of these rifles new is astronimical and used they are pricey as well; but good deals on the used side can still be found.  As the prices on these continue to rise, if you already have one consider yourself fortunate.  If not keep shopping until you find a good deal and buy now as the prices in the future will only increase.  Looking forward to getting mine out to the range as soon as possible.


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