Drag Bag and Why You Need One

Posted: April 22, 2012 in Equipment
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Carrying any combination of 2 long arms (rifles, shotguns) into the field can be cumbersome.  A drag bag allows you to take multiple long guns into the field along with related equipment (magazines, ammo, hearing protection, repair kit, etc) by either dragging the bag with a foot attachment through the brush, sniper style, so one can remain concealed or carrying the bag back pack style with attached shoulder straps.

My drag bags are made by NcStar and are well made and can handle a fair amount of abuse.  The bag will hold two long arms in seperate compartments plus has 4 large exterior pockets for holding a good amount of related gear.  The muzzle end of the bag has a reinforced hood to protect the case from tearing when dragging through rough terrain.  Whether used for a trip to the range, out in the field or just for transport capabilities a drag bag is an excellent way to carry your firearms.


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