Real World Survival

Posted: April 23, 2012 in Survival
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Very few of us will have to deal with surviving a plane crash or surviving a ship sinking…..however many of us may have to face more routine survival scenarios such as extended power outages due to storms, etc.  Are you prepared if you have no power for 10 to 20 days?  The following are some considerations for real world survival.

  • Have a workable, realistic survival plan and follow that plan.
  • Have a sufficient quantity of food and water on hand.  3 months worth per person set aside is a good target goal.  Don’t forget to have extra food available for your pets.
  • Have a sufficient quantity of firearms, mags and ammo as needed for defensive purposes.
  • Have a workable generator, proper wiring to run the whole house from the generator and sufficient quantities of safely stored fuel to run the generator.
  • Keep a sufficient supply of firewood on hand for your fireplace and or woodstove.
  • Keep charcoal safely stored and have a charcoal grill available if you need to grill any meals outside.
  • Batteries, batteries, batteries in proper sizes for your equipment such as flashlights, etc., is a must.  You can never have too many batteries.
  • Sanitation needs must be considered.  Have sufficient toilet paper stockpiled; pages of phone books can also be used as a toilet paper substitute.  If you have rainbarrels outside you can use the water from them to flush the toilet if you don’t have a generator running to provide power.
  • Keep small denominations of spare cash available.  If the power is out and some businesses are open; they likely will not be able to take credit card transactions.  You will also not be able to use an ATM machine to get cash.


  1. If I could add, learn to shop for food by the season. It might feel good to have that deep freezer stocked but during hurricane season I rarely stocked up. If you are in an area that experience ‘seasonal storms than can result in power failure, you’re probably better off by not stocking a lot of foods that need to be frozen.

    Also remember if the power is off long enough for foods to thaw, be very diligent in cleaning both your freezer and fridge and toss anything than has begun to thaw. Also toss any foods that have been sitting in water in the freezer as this is going to be bloody run off from the thawing foods, treat it as contaminated.

    I know it sounds like common sense, but I can’t tell you how many people would get sick after hurricanes because they wanted to ‘save’ as much as they could from their freezer.

  2. rmactsc says:

    Excellent points. For long term power outages I have a 10,000 watt generator that has a transfer switch to my house and freezers along with 100 gallons of safely stored gasoline to run the generator. Of course in the winter putting food in coolers then into snow banks works as well. As always nice to hear from you Cheryl 🙂

  3. phoebe53 says:

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    Introducing one of my new favorite websites.

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