Well I’ve taken the plunge so to speak.  I’ve decided to write my first survival fiction novel.  No self publishing though…..my plans are to find a legitimate publishing house to view my work.  Last night I sat down and managed to crank out and edit 15 pages and so far the results from those few that have read it have been favorable.  My estimated time for completion looks to be about 6 months so hopefully I’ll be several hundred pages in at that time and can then shop around for a publisher.  Anyone else currently doing any survival writing either fiction or non fiction?  What have your experiences been?

  1. I’m also trying to write a book as well, but mine is a horror fiction, not survival. But hey, it’s still a book, yeah? So far…I’ve only written one chapter. It sounds like you have a clear idea of what you want though, and that helps. I have a very vague idea of the plot of mine.

    A friend of mine turned me on to a blog of a horror writer who gives good advice on first time writers getting published. Here is the link in case you are interested: http://stevevernonstoryteller.wordpress.com/2012/05/06/rhino-hide-dealing-with-rejection/

    Keep us upadated, and good luck!

    • rmactsc says:

      Thanks deathstalker2. I’d like to here more about your book. Mine basically deals with what would happen if the Constitution was declared null and void and was replaced by a new Constitution with no citizen’s rights. There’s all sorts of murder, mayhem and other goodies I have planned and when the ideas are flowing it’s good to get them down in a fiction book format.

  2. keepbuilder says:

    Best of luck to you. I truly wish you well!

  3. rmactsc says:

    Thanks keepbuilder. I appreciate the support 🙂

  4. Hey! That’s an awesome plan 🙂 Let me know when it’s in print…and be sure to get it out for the e-readers too. That’s where the money’s going to be now! A few sneak previews on here wouldn’t go amiss either 😉

    • rmactsc says:

      Sounds like a plan. How about you europasicewolf, do you have any writing projects in the works?

      • I do…but it might help if I could stay focussed on one project at a time rather than leap frogging between them. Talk about disorganized 😉 Be a miracle if I got anything published though…but never say never 🙂

  5. phoebe53 says:

    Good luck with your book, if it’s anything like your posts I’m looking forward to reading it. Make mine an autographed copy please. 😀

    • rmactsc says:

      Thanks for the kind words phoebe53. I appreciate it. I have a long way to go. Only 37 pages done so far and the editing seems to take longer than the writing. How about you phoebe53, are you working on any writing projects?

  6. jokelly65 says:

    Good luck, Ive been working on a horror, survival fiction, not being a professional writer its been a challenge, but one Ive enjoyed. id love to see some posts on problems and such that you run across while writing and your solutions.

    • rmactsc says:

      Looking forward to hearing more about your book. My solutions to writing problems are simple. A large pizza and an ice cream sundae do the trick every time 🙂

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