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Posted: May 21, 2012 in Commentary
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As many of you may know my politics are conservative.  I have never really understood the liberal mindset so I can’t grasp why liberals seem to take the opposite positions on so many common sense conservative things.  In an effort to understand this I’m listing my top 5 personal political issue positions on items that are of importance to me.  

  1. Illegal Immigrants – Deport them immediately.  By the very nature of them being here illegally they are breaking the law.
  2. Gun Control – I am against this as gun control only renders law abiding citizens without defensive weapons.  No criminal is going to say “hey they passed a gun control law so I’d better turn in my guns.”  The right for law abiding citizen’s to keep and bear arms is a Constitutionally protected right.
  3. Welfare – As a one time option for let’s say no greater than 12 months for those citizen’s who qualify I support this.  Beyond 12 months no.  Anyone who stays on welfare as a lifetime commitment should really be ashamed of themselves.
  4. Political Correctness – I am against this.  All things should be called by their proper names.  Calling a violent thug, murder or rapist a “disadvantaged individual” masks what they really are.  a terrorist is a terrorist, they are not “misguided and misunderstood people.”
  5. Affirmative Action – I am against this.  No matter what race, religion or ethnic background you are you should try to get the best education and best job that you can based on your own individual merits, not on a quota system.  I have achieved things on my own merits and hard work and if someone told me they were giving me a job or an education based on a quota and not on my merits, I as a self reliant individual, would find that insulting.

So there you have it.  I look forward to some interesting comments on these specific issues. 

  1. phoebe53 says:

    “Anyone who stays on welfare as a lifetime commitment should really be ashamed of themselves.”

    They have no shame, they have no pride and that’s what’s wrong with this country, no one has any pride anymore.

    Although I agree that your issues are important and are at the top spectra of my list too but my number one issue is LIBERTY. I never, ever, thought I’d see the day when my own country would send up drones to openly spy on me, secretly spy yes, but openly, never, how brazen is that, how intimidating is that, it is meant to let us know that any insurrection will end badly. Are they afraid of an insurrection? Sure they are, I’m sure they discuss it often. If you don’t have LIBERTY, nothing else matters.

    • rmactsc says:

      I agree, pride in one’s accomplishments and in working towards your goals is something that must start to occur again. Liberty is becoming be a fleeting thing as more and more senseless restrictions are imposed upon it and drones spying on American citizens simply means they are afraid of their own citizenry.

  2. MJ says:

    I’m a member of the left, so I’ll take a stab at this.

    1. I’ve seen conservative business interests importing cheap labor, sometimes legally sometimes not, to undercut wages, labor laws, and unions. The most effective way to get illegals out of the country and stop new ones from coming in is to prevent them from getting jobs once they’re here. We should continue the stepped up efforts of the Obama admin. to bust businesses that use illegals. At this point more are going home than are coming over the border and that’s a good thing.

    2. Even the conservatives writing for the majority in the case that over through the D.C. gun ban (the ban was stupid) said the government had a legitimate right to regulate firearms. I think we’re at about the right level of regulation right now.

    3. We’ve had time limits on social welfare since the Clinton Admin. Too bad we don’t have similar time limits on corporate welfare.

    4. Political correctness is a myth. It’s a myth created to make people who hold power (regardless of political stripe) look powerless and look like victims. I’ve got nothing against wealthy, politically connected, white males, but they’re not the powerless and they’re not victims of anything. No one’s calling rapists anything but rapists.

    5. I’d like to be against affirmative action, but the wealthy and powerful and their children have advantages over those of the poor and powerless, regardless of merit. We need ways to equalize power. I don’t want America to turn into a neo-feudal state. Affirmative action is overly broad. Why should a black kid from a wealthily neighborhood and a stable home have an advantage over a white kid from a poor neighborhood who’s being raised by a single mom?

    Overall, I think most people are closer together on issues than the MSM would have us believe.

    • rmactsc says:

      Illegals should not be allowed to have jobs in this country. I think we are still over-regulated regarding the rights of law abiding gun owners. I think those who know the system have little trouble circumnavigating any social welfare limits which may have been intended. Political correctness is no myth. Listen to the mainstream media describe events and you will notice how often they never call them what they really are especially if it does not fit their particular agenda. Affirmative action in this day and age is no longer needed. If you want something bad enough and work hard and plan accordingly you will get there. If someone has something or has achieved something that I have not, I’d prefer to learn how they achieved it and try to do the same instead of trying to bring them down.

    • phoebe53 says:

      I should respond because I enjoy seeing liberals heads spin around and explode but I’ll be nice and let rmactsc field this one. 😀

  3. Yup! Deport the illegals pronto. A bunch of them were recently picked up from my workplace and deported. But not before they’d tried to get me fired so they could take my job!
    Gun control: All well and good not having any IF you’re a law abiding citizen but if you’re not lack of it is just a license to kill. Could well lead to even more dead law abiding citizens. It’s bad enough here without the right to carry arms. One wrong look to the wrong person at the wrong time and “BANG”…bye bye innocent life. Wouldn’t mind the option to defend myself though, so mixed feelings on this one.
    Welfare: I work so immediate reaction is to agree with this, but not everybody chooses to be on it long term and in the current economic/work climate where jobs are so sparse and those of us still working are almost unbelievably fortunate, not entirely fair to penalise genuine people this way. Scroungers on the other hand don’t deserve a penny let alone 12 months worth.
    PC: A terrorist is definitely misguided!! But he is still a terrorist through and through! And should be described as such.
    Affirmative Action: I strongly believe what you achieve in life should be achieved on your own merits. A quota system surely penalises those who have and demotivates those who have yet to make the effort to achieve.

    • rmactsc says:

      The best way I’ve seen to illustrate the difference between Liberals and Conservatives is as follows. A liberal will see a TV show they don’t like and seek to have it banned immediately so no one can view it. A conservative will simply change the channel and let each individual make their own choice whether to watch the show or not.

  4. MJ says:

    Liberals are white, college educated, baby boomers, who are members of the political left. I’m a working class, Gen X, member of the political left, so maybe that’s why I just change the channel and not try to ban the show. Most people of my persuasion: don’t care what you watch listen to or read, don’t care who you want to marry, and don’t care what you want to drink or smoke. We’re not big on banning stuff.

    To tell the truth, probably half the people I know who are Gen X members of the left are like me and don’t even have TV’s.

    • rmactsc says:

      Speaking of TV’s MJ I remember when having a 24″ TV was a big deal, now the average TV seems to be somewhere between 55″ to 70″ in many households. Makes you wonder what size TV’s will be in most homes 10 or 20 years from now 🙂

  5. III says:

    I’ll tell ya why they do that stuff. Liberal point of view as I understand it.

    Illegal Immigrants – But they’re just trying to make better lives for themselves. The drug dealing and violence is unfortunate, but hey, I get my pot cheaper.

    My response – screw that!

    Gun Control – We no longer need guns. We have honest and efficient police officers who can respond within a few minutes. Gun owners should be ashamed of owning instruments of death. We should all just talk out our differences. If I’m going to be robbed, they apparently needed it more than I did.

    My response – screw that!

    Welfare – Why should I work when I can get my sh!t fo free? With Obama in office, we don’t hafta worry about nuthin’!

    My response – screw that!

    Political Correctness – Lets make people feel good about themselves no matter what. Trophies fror showing up halps make people feel good. Everything has to be fair and polite or you can go to Hell.

    My response – screw that!

    Affirmative Action – I’m too lazy to work for my dreams. Instead, I believe it should be given to me because there are people out there who don’t think I’m qualified because I’m a minority. Why work for success when it can be just handed to you. Be happy I’m not on welfare.

    My response – screw that!

    Bunch of GD hippie liberal socialist freaks.

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