Why I Oppose Gun Control

Posted: May 24, 2012 in Commentary
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There are many reasons I oppose gun control.  The following statements will explain my reasoning.

  • Gun control laws only deprive innocent law abiding citizen’s from being able to defend themselves.  Criminals will still be able to obtain guns illegally even with strict gun control laws and only law abiding citizen’s would be forced to turn their guns in, the criminals would still keep theirs.
  • It is unconstitutional to ban guns.  The 2nd amendment clearly states the right to keep and bear arms and this has been supported in many court decisions.
  • Guns are the ultimate equalizer when proper training has been obtained.  They provide protection for example to allow a 120 pound woman to stop a 260 pound man from raping, assaulting and killing her.  They provide the ability for a person to defend themselves when attacked by someone who is significantly stronger or when attacked by multiple individuals.
  • The vast majority of guns are never used for criminal purposes.  Like the saying goes 90,000,000 gun owners in America didn’t shoot anyone today.
  • More people are killed in this country in auto accidents then by guns yet you never hear anybody saying ban all vehicles.  Those who want to ban guns generally are afraid of them because they’ve never been taken to a shooting range or been properly trained. 
  • Remember gun control ultimately isn’t really about guns but instead is about liberals having control and limiting our freedoms.
  • As another saying goes it’s better to have a gun and not need it then need a gun and not have it.  Just ask most victims of violent crime who were not armed when attacked.  I meet many of them when I’m at the gun range who tell me they used to be anti gun until they were attacked, now they are pro gun seeking out as much proper training as possible.
  • It is each law abiding citizen’s ultimate responsibility to be able to defend their homes, family and themselves from violent thugs and criminals.  Police in most areas will take 12+ minutes to respond to a 911 call if the 911 call can even be made.  Do you really want to be defenseless during that time if your life or the lives of your loved ones are in jeapordy.


  1. All sounds very reasonable and logical. The laws of the land are very different here and the mentality as regards such issues quite unfathomable most of the time. I don’t doubt there are plenty of grounds for concern with allowing the “right to bear arms” in this country, even with gun control laws in place, as well as good reasons why we should be able to. But those concerns are more likely to be for the criminal responsible for the crime and their human rights, rather than concern for the victims of these criminals or their right to defend themselves. For those reasons it is more difficult to make a fair comment regarding the rights and wrongs of gun control laws in other parts of the world. Or maybe that’s just ignorance on my part. I’ll leave you to decide that being far better qualified to do so 🙂

  2. rmactsc says:

    We try to be reasonable and logical whenever possible. I’ve always believed that if a person does not want to carry a firearm that’s fine if they make that choice, I just find it appauling when people try to ban other law abiding citizens who want to carry a firearm from choosing to carry a firearm

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