Common Sense Survival Things Everyone Should Know Revisited

Posted: May 28, 2012 in Survival
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When it comes to any type of TEOTWAWKI (The end of the world as we know it) survival situations, there are some common sense survival things that everyone should know.

  • Survival requires proper planning and good gear.
  • Food, water, guns, ammo and other necessary survival items should be already stocked before a survival situation occurs.
  • Avoid dehydration and starvation at all costs.
  • Have a secure, well stocked, defendable location available.
  • Firearms with sufficient ammunition and sharp knives for defensive purposes are essential.
  • Avoid strange, dangerous areas and strange, dangerous people.
  • Crowds can quickly turn violent and can get you killed.
  • Light and noise discipline is essential.
  • People will fight and kill over scant resources.
  • Thugs will try and take what you have.  Be prepared to stop them.
  • Martial law is always bad.
  • People who thought you were nuts for prepping when times were good will start showing up on  your doorstep when times are bad. 
  • Never show weakness.
  • You must rely on yourself.
  • A welfare mentality will get you killed.
  • Trust your sixth sense.  If something seems wrong then it is wrong. 
  • Bad guys with guns should be avoided.  If you cannot avoid them then you need to be better armed then they are.

  1. I think people should try living, for several months at least, the way they envision themselves trying to survive. It would be good to get some practice before the bullets start flying and the hoards are breathing down your neck.

  2. How about TEOTWAWKI vacations? (Sorry this came in two parts. I forgot to check the notify me of follow up comments via email box.)

  3. This was exciting! Would love the opportunity to put myself to the test in such a situation and see how I reacted, more to the point if I would survive in such a scenario! I write on end of the world etc themes and of course there is somehow an assumption that survival will happen,,,be interesting to put it to the test 🙂

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