Safeguarding Your Things When Traveling

Posted: June 18, 2012 in Tactics
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Are you looking to safeguard your important items and your bags when traveling?  If so then these tips should be followed.

  • Dress down when you travel and don’t flaunt money or jewellery.
  • Avoid carrying your camera or laptop in an obvious looking camera or laptop bag.
  • Carry extra money and identification concealed in a hidden money belt.
  • Make yourself appear to be a difficult target.
  • Stay at safe, well known locations, in safe parts of the cities and towns you travel to.
  • Always lock your luggage and also zip tie them shut to avoid strangers tampering with your bags.
  • Use identification labels that cannot be casually read by bystanders to avoid strangers knowing your identity.
  • Never leave your bags unattended.
  • Never carry gifts, letters or parcels from strangers in your baggage.
  • If you are in an area where baggage slashing by thieves is common, use wire mesh which is resistant to cutting, over your bags for added security.
  1. phoebe53 says:

    Good advice, things we don’t often think of when traveling. I think, more importantly than those listed, that you have to mask your attitude, the air you have about yourself, no matter how much you dress down people can get a sense of you just by your attitude.

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