Ultimate Zombie Survival Shotgun

Posted: June 19, 2012 in Weapons
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I’ve been fortunate to have tried almost every tactical 12 gauge pump action shotgun on the market today and I own many as well including Mossberg 500’s and 590’s, Remington 870’s and 887’s, H&R Pardners, etc.  While they are all well made, quality firearms, if I only had time to grab one for the zombie apocalypse; for me the choice is clear.

The shotgun I would choose must have 8+1 shotshell capabilities within the tube using 00 buckshot in 2 3/4″ length.  It must hold an additional 5 shells on the folding ATI stock and hold an additional 4 shells on the aftermarket shot shell carrier which mounts opposite the ejection port. 

The shotgun I would choose can be used with the stock folded for confined spaces or unfolded for proper cheek weld and shoulder support.  It must be rugged, durable, dependable and most of all be as close to 100% reliable as possible.  If the zombie apocalypse happens; my choice of shotgun is my Mossberg 590 12 gauge pump action shotgun.

  1. armedamericancitizen says:

    Very nice choice. I love that shotgun.

  2. Howling wolves! That is one serious looking weapon! I would not want to be a zombie if that was coming my way, it looks to be a vicious,apocalyptic killing machine designed to put the fear of…a ‘Mossberg 590 12 gauge pump action shotgun’ slamming into my apocalyptic zombified self!!

    • rmactsc says:

      It is a fun shotgun to shoot and is currently my favorite with the Remington 870 Tac Express coming in second and my Remington 887 coming in third.

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