Things Everyone Should Know How To Do (Survival Related)

Posted: June 27, 2012 in Survival
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The time to learn vital skills is now, before disaster strikes, not afterwards.  Being prepared skills wise is so important I believe everyone should know how to do the following in order to increase their survival chances.

  • Know the proper ways to defensively use shotguns, rifles and handguns and what the appropriate use for each is.  Skills include loading, unloading, clearing malfunctions, zeroing your sights so your point of aim equals your point of impact and target acquisition.
  • Know the difference between cover and concealment as it can save your life.  Cover is anything which you can get behind to stay out of sight which can also stop a bullet.  Concealment is anything you can get behind to stay out of sight which cannot stop a bullet.  You need to always know which is which when moving from cover to cover.
  • Know how to purify water to make it safe for drinking, know basic first aid and know what can and can’t be eaten to stave off hunger.
  • Know how to start an emergency fire to stay warm or signal for help and know how to build an emergency shelter to get out of the elements.
  • Know how to think creatively, stay positive, stay focused, work independently and as a team member and get along with others.
  • Know the difference between friend and foe.  Sometimes how one appears and how one really is are not the same thing.
  • Know when to speak and when not to.


  1. Barring the last 3 points this Icewolf is doomed!! There maybe a little bit of work to be done in those other areas of my survival prep!

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