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Firearms training fundamentals are key to your survival……a bold yet true statement as the time to acquire your skills is before a violent/survival situation occurs; not afterwards.  The most crucial element of defensive firearms training are quick, reflexive gun handling skills and mental preparation.  Tactics must be combined with effective marksmanship skills.  Shooting paper targets at the range is a safe, controlled environment while a real world survival situation is not.

In a life threatening situation you will do what you have trained to do so make sure your training method is practiced regularly for maximum effectiveness.  You will fight the way you are trained so train the way you will fight.  Make having a tactical mindset and situational awareness important parts of your training regiment.  As always common sense applies in any type of training.

Use visualization as part of your training methods.  Visualize frequently how you will react and what you would do if for example your home is broken into, your car is jacked, you are about to be mugged, etc.  Visualizing how you would respond conditions the mind and the body to respond accordingly if and when such situations arise.  Be aggressive and quick with your defensive actions as your life and the lives of your family may depend upon it.

Gun control – No, no, no, no and no.  I hope that makes my position clear.

  • The 2nd amendment guarantees me the right to keep and bear arms which I do as my life and my families lives are important to me and when all is said and done it is my responsibility to keep them safe.
  • Average time for police to arrive for an intruder 911 call is 11 minutes nationally and a criminal can do a lot of harm to a citizen in that 11 minutes before the police arrive.  If you were being attacked could you wait 11 minutes for help!!!!!!What if you couldn’t dial 911?  Weapons in properly trained hands are the great equalizer.
  • There are already 22,000 local, state and federal gun laws on the books which do nothing to stop crime; why, because criminals don’t obey the law.  All gun control does is disarm law abiding citizens.
  • The more law abiding people who legally carry concealed with proper training, the safer we are as a society.  Ever notice why no one goes on a shooting rampage at a gun range, because everyone is armed and any assailant who tried it would be stopped instantly.
  • Amazing how those who want gun control have usually never handled a gun or desperately want one for themselves but not allow anyone else who is law abiding to have one. 
  • Think about being unarmed during mass riots or societal breakdown!!!! As they say better to have one and not need it then need one and not have it.
  • I legally carry concealed, have done so for over 30 years and it brings me tremendous peace of mind as well as safety and security.

When it comes to being prepared, the following are some essentials you should not overlook.

  • Keep your vehicles gas tanks full.  When your gauge shows 3/4 full make sure you fill up again at that point.  A full tank of gas has essential uses.
  • Keep at least 10, 5 gallon gas containers full, in a cool dry garage location and use stabil to increase their storage life.  Date the cans so you know when the gas needs to be used by.
  • Have a 10,000 watt backup generator available and have an electrician wire it so it is ready to run your house if the power is out.  Have a secure, security chain applied to keep it from being stolen.
  • Keep a 3 months supply of food and water stored for each member of your family.
  • Keep a 3 months supply of all common battery sizes available.
  • Have your well maintained firearms available with a sufficient quantity of ammunition for self defense purposes.
  • Keep pre-cut plywood available for boarding up windows if needed.
  • Have a charcoal grill with a sufficient supply of charcoal for emergency cooking.
  • Firewood properly stored is another essential item along with a sufficient quantity of dry matches.
  • Make sure your garage doors have backup locks and that all your window and door locks are fully functional.
  • Brace your front and back doors with buddy/suspension bars.
  • Keep your communications gear/cell phones/radios and flashlights fully charged.
  • Keep at least $100.00 in singles and $50.00 in coins readily available.

If you are considering carrying a concealed handgun the following factors need to be reviewed.

  • Make sure you have the proper permit to do so.  If not, obtain one.
  • Seek proper training and go to your local range and practice, practice, practice.
  • Ask yourself if you are willing to use deadly force to protect your life and your families lives when no other recourse is available.
  • Make sure you properly understand the laws relating to the use of deadly force for your state and country.
  • Are you willing to adapt your style and manner of attire to properly conceal a weapon.  After all concealed means concealed.
  • Have you selected and trained with the best handgun and caliber for your personal, defensive situation.
  • Is your personality and temperment suitable for carrying a concealed weapon.

A concealed firearm when properly carried and with proper training and the proper mindset can provide peace of mind and can be a life saver if it is ever needed in that capacity.

When the SHTF what firearms will you need?  At one time or another this question usually comes up in discussion and here is my answer to it based on if you could only have one weapon in each of the following categories what would you choose for survival purposes?

Best overall semi automatic handgun – Smith & Wesson M&P 45

Best overall pump action shotgun – Mossberg 590A1

Best overall short range rifle – DPMS AP4 Panther Carbine

Best overall long range rifle – FAL L1A1

So there you have it.  If I could only have one of each type of weapon for a survival situation these are my selections.

Yes, there’s nothing quite like relaxing in a hot tub on a chilly evening; but your hot tub can also be a source of emergency water during a disaster and when properly treated and or filtered can help save your life.  If your hot tub is roughly 8×8 and fits 6 people; it should hold approximately 500 gallons.  That’s a lot of additional water which can be used for drinking, bathing, etc.

Remember hot tub water should be properly filtered before using .  If your filter/purification device such as the type that backpackers use; can filter out microbial contaminents and your hot tub has not been over treated with chemicals; the water can be drinkable.   Most people will require at least one gallon a day of drinking water so your hot tub as an emegency water supply can be another asset in your preperations package.

If you ever find yourself trapped but uninjured in an upside down vehicle here is a method to effect your escape from the vehicle.

  1. Place your hands against the roof and push yourself up to take the weight off of the seat belt buckle otherwise it will be difficult to release.
  2. Release the belt buckle, if buckle won’t release cut the strap with your EDC (every day carry) pocket knife.
  3. Open the door.  If the door won’t open, smash the window with a heavy object.  (You did remember to keep a pry bar or a short metalpipe, etc between the front seat in all your vehicles right)?
  4. Crawl out through either the open door or the shattered window.  Be careful of any broken glass in the area.