Avoid The Golden Horde Revisited (Survival Related)

Posted: July 2, 2012 in Tactics
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The Golden Horde refers to the mass exodus of the unprepared from the cities to the suburbs and rural areas after a disaster has ocurred.  They come looking for food, water and shelter whenever infrastructure in the cities has been decimated. 

If the power grid goes down for more than a few days, cities will become rapidly unlivable.  Without power; water and food distribution will cease, unsanitary conditions will quickly occur, law and order will fail and violent crime, arson and full scale looting will begin.

Making people cold, wet or hungry for any length of time will peel away society’s civilized qualities and revert people back to an animal state where survival at any cost becomes the norm.  You must make sure you are not in the path of the golden horde, but if you are; you must avoid detection, or if detected be prepared to defend yourself.  Proper defensive plans must be implemented beforehand and weapons familiarization and training is essential.

As a prepper, you do not want to be a predator but you also do not want to be the prey.  In a survival situation consider all strangers as dangerous (stranger danger) and follow your pre-existing survival plan while being prepared to make modifications as needed.

  1. ftcannonball says:

    This picture reminded me of this video and I thought I would share: http://www.vice.com/uneven-terrain/missle-silo-homes–3

    It’s not exactly prepper journalism. More like NYC hipster’s exploring flyover country, but it’s still interesting. There are a lot of old silo’s in Arizona where I live.

  2. rmactsc says:

    Thanks for sharing ftcannonball. No silos up here in Connecticut 🙂

  3. I shall be taking great care not to be in the path of the golden horde! As a wolfie predator – which I quite like being so will continue to be so 😉 I would prefer not to become the prey of starving half crazed humans…oh but wait – that already happens to Earth wolves doesn’t it? … Oh well, my visits from Europa should stand me in good stead to deal with the golden horde 🙂 Failing that I’ll be hunting you and the big guns down to hide behind 😀 😉

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