Firearms Training Fundamentals Are Key To Your Survival Revisited

Posted: July 27, 2012 in Survival
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Firearms training fundamentals are key to your survival……a bold yet true statement as the time to acquire your skills is before a violent/survival situation occurs; not afterwards.  The most crucial element of defensive firearms training are quick, reflexive gun handling skills and mental preparation.  Tactics must be combined with effective marksmanship skills.  Shooting paper targets at the range is a safe, controlled environment while a real world survival situation is not.

In a life threatening situation you will do what you have trained to do so make sure your training method is practiced regularly for maximum effectiveness.  You will fight the way you are trained so train the way you will fight.  Make having a tactical mindset and situational awareness important parts of your training regiment.  As always common sense applies in any type of training.

Use visualization as part of your training methods.  Visualize frequently how you will react and what you would do if for example your home is broken into, your car is jacked, you are about to be mugged, etc.  Visualizing how you would respond conditions the mind and the body to respond accordingly if and when such situations arise.  Be aggressive and quick with your defensive actions as your life and the lives of your family may depend upon it.

  1. europasicewolf says:

    That was very helpful. I will keep it in mind and endeavor to put it into practice 🙂

  2. I was always told to aim for center of mass, most ppl are shitty shots, and will miss their target, especially if they’re moving or whatever the case may be. I got a 5 yr old who shoots impressive groupings from short distances, but shes sitting dead still in the prone position. If she had to shoot a moving target/threat because i was unconscious or something… It would be a different story. (for most adults too) . Great posts btw.

    • rmactsc says:

      Thanks Tiina. Very insightful comments you’ve provided. You are so right that it’s a whole different ball game when targets are moving then when they are stationary. Knowing how your weapon handles and how to properly aim especially when under pressure is so important.

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