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Whenever I take my handguns to the range for practice, my range bag comes along as an essential piece of shooting gear.  Its purpose; to keep all my gear safely stored and together in one convenient, organized gear bag.  I’ve used a lot of range bags over the years but the one I find works best for my needs is the 511 Tactical Patrol Ready Bag.  It has convenient storage pockets for almost anything you need to bring with you and is sized properly to store whatever you need to ensure a proper and enjoyable range session.

What’s holding you back?  If you’re not happy with your job, your education, your standard of living, your life, etc., then now is the time to take action and do something about it.  The only thing holding anyone back are their own fears and self doubts.  Make today the day that you make effective changes to better those situations in your life that you want to improve upon.  After all the time will go by whether you take action or not so better to take action then do nothing.  It’s never too late to look for a better job, start a new friendship, go back to school, work on self improvement………so get out there and start today.  Don’t make excuses.  Those who achieve find a way to succeed in their objectives………as they say if one person can achieve something, then others can too.

Still need convincing…….here are more reasons that gun control is wrong.

  • Gun control laws only effect those who obey them.  In other words while law abiding citizens would be forced to turn in their guns, criminals won’t.  Gun control is every criminal’s dream.  Criminals don’t obey laws which is why they are criminals.
  • Where has gun control reduced crime?  Nowhere.  Places with the strictest gun control laws routinely see rising crime rates.  See the previous bullet point for the explanation on why.
  • The 2nd Amendment guarantees the right to keep and bear arms.  You cannot handpick which amendments to follow and which ones to ignore.
  • Automobiles kill far more people than guns.  Imagine how you would feel if one day a law was passed that said you must turn in your car.  A car that you worked hard for and paid for and by the passing of a new law was suddenly against the law to own.
  • When it comes right down to it, your own self defense is up to you.  The police are reactive meaning they show up after a crime has ocurred.  If you are attacked your attacker is not going to stop to give you time to call 911 and wait for the police to arrive before they try and harm you.  You have to defend yourself immediately against violent crime and a gun is the greatest self defense equalizer ever made.
  • Gun control is incompatible with individual rights.  It does nothing other than protect criminals and put law abiding citizens in a defenseless position.

Time travel…….  A subject I find extremely interesting; regarding whether or not time travel is something that truly could be possible.  With time travel you could see for yourself things that have happened in the past, things that would happen in the future and you could, if so inclined, possibly alter either the past or the future based on your interactions in the particular time period you visited.

Then there is the Paradox Theory.  For example, what happens if you travel back in time, meet your grandfather, your grandfather is accidently killed thus resulting in the fact that you were never born.  What about parallel universes?  If your grandfather was accidently killed in a parallel universe that would effect your counterpart in that universe but not you as it is a parallel reality.  Or perhaps something that has happened or may happen is already defined and therefore you can only view events  but not change them…….Gives you much to think about.

Time is essentially the interval between two successive events.  In order to travel through time theoretically, one would have to travel close to the speed of light.  We live in a three dimensional world and time travel encompasses a “fourth dimension”.  For example jumping up and down is one dimension, moving left to right or right to left is a second dimension, moving forwards and backwards is a third dimension and space and time would represent the fourth dimension. 

Perhaps time travel can be accomplished through wormholes.  Holes in the fabric of the space time continuum that are in essence connected but which originate at different points in space and at different times in space.  Enter through one end and emerge at the other in a different place and a different time.

Einstein’s theories of General and Special Relativity are the basis for proving that time travel could be possible.  So if it’s possible are you ready to pack your bags and give it a try? 

You can learn a lot from fictional TV shows which have survival elements.  You can learn the right survival decisions to make as well as the wrong survival decisions to make.  Here are three of my favorite fictional TV shows involving elements of survival.



Owning  firearms for home defense is a responsibility that one should not take lightly.  Here are a few things to remember about your home defense firearms.

  • Make sure you are properly trained on the use of your home defense firearms.  Make sure you are proficient on loading, unloading, clearing malfunctions, acquiring your target and go to the range regularly and practice, practice, practice.
  • Along with range time mentally visualize the process for loading, unloading, clearing malfunctions and aquiring your target.  Visualization is an important aspect of training.
  • Make sure you are properly licensed as needed.
  • Never ever under any circumstances leave a loaded firearm unattended.
  • Store your bulk ammo and your firearms in seperate locations. 
  • Keep your firearms secure and well hidden when not in use.
  • This point will raise debate as many people keep their home defense handgun loaded and on their nightstand when they go to bed.  I do not.  My preferred method when I go to bed is to unload my EDC handgun, verifying that the chamber is empty and keep the full magazine on my nightstand next to the bed.  I keep my unloaded handgun is in a holster attached to the bedframe just below the nightstand out of sight.  I can, if awoken slap the loaded magazine into the handgun and have a round chambered in about 3 seconds……….I know I’ve practiced this frequently. 
  • My home defense firearms are divided into three categories.  Handguns for home defense against an intruder.  Shotguns for home defense against multiple intruders.  Rifles for home defense in the event of looting or rioting.
  • Be safe, be careful and have the proper mindset when handling any type of firearm.

Besides having the proper gear to get you through any type of survival crisis, the following mental skills are critically important to also have.

  • Situational Awareness since you must be aware of what is going on around you at all times to increase your survival chances.
  • Reasoning since you will need to analyze and reason through different courses of proposed actions.
  • Adaptability since no plan is foolproof and you need to be able to adapt and change as different situations arise.
  • Confidence since you must believe in yourself and your abilities in order to make effective and correct decisions.
  • Positive Thinking since you must believe that the outcome of your endeavor will be successful in order to make it so.
  • Peace of Mind since worry, fear and anxiety are the enemies of survival.
  • Perseverance as you may have to endure and overcome some hardships along the way.

If you have these mental skills then fantastic.  If you don’t then work on obtaining them.  Like any skill you can change your mental focus and outlook through practice and having the desire to want to change. Remember you are what you think you are.

While it is important to be prepared for things that are ocurring and things that might occur it is equally important to not obsess over these things.  Keep things in perspective; if you can live your life prepared but also happy, healthy and with peace of mind then you are way ahead of most folks. 

Your health is of the utmost importance.  Without good health, everything else is secondary.  Work on doing all you can to be healthy, happy, develop peace of mind and have a positive outlook on life.  Everything else will then fall into place.

Is there an instruction manual for this process lol 🙂



From time to time I like to pose a question to spark commentary and debate.  For those of you who prepare for disaster scenarios; in your opinion what do you feel will be the next survival/disaster scenario you may have to face.  I look forward to your responses.