Something To Ponder (Survival Related)

Posted: August 3, 2012 in Survival
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I spend a lot of time with my family relaxing in the hot tub in our nicely landscaped backyard at my home.  While the hot tub is very relaxing and enjoyable, for those of us who carry a weapon everyday it poses some tactical survival issues.  Obviously I do not take my firearm into the hot tub, nor do I leave it in the open or hidden nearby as anyone using the hot tub could accidently stumble upon it.

Should a SHTF situation occur while you are dripping wet, in a bathing suit, no shoes on and a gun not readily available, you leave yourself vulnerable at that particular point in time.  So in thinking the situation over this remote control option might be the answer although it will certainly clash with the pristine landscaping 🙂

  1. ftcannonball says:

    Even the most seasoned warrior should rest and relax once in a while. If you get taken down in your hot tub, that’s not the worst way to go. How about a high pressure water gun?

  2. Oh howling wolves! That would be a deeply worrying position to be found in a SHTF scenario! I think you should jump out of the hot tub with immediate effect and never set foot in it again…at least if that is your remote control option! lol 😉 Couldn’t you at least landscape it with some nice green vegetation and maybe position a colourful and not-at-all survival proof deck-chair in front of it?!! I mean it’s quite a large option don’t you think?!!

  3. 1stminstrel says:

    Very glad you came to my blog and I was able to come to yours…we are on the same page and is great to find another like minded person…..I shared a couple of your posts on my blog and am following yours…great posts….stay with it…

  4. rmactsc says:

    Thank you. I enjoy your blog and posts as well and am following your writings. Thank you for sharing my posts.

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