Real World Survival Revisited

Posted: August 8, 2012 in Survival
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Very few of us will have to deal with surviving a plane crash or surviving a ship sinking…..however many of us may have to face more routine survival scenarios such as extended power outages due to storms, etc.  Are you prepared if you have no power for 10 to 20 days?  The following are some considerations for real world survival.

  • Have a workable, realistic survival plan and follow that plan.
  • Have a sufficient quantity of food and water on hand.  3 months worth per person set aside is a good target goal.  Don’t forget to have extra food available for your pets.
  • Have a sufficient quantity of firearms, mags and ammo as needed for defensive purposes.
  • Have a workable generator, proper wiring to run the whole house from the generator and sufficient quantities of safely stored fuel to run the generator.
  • Keep a sufficient supply of firewood on hand for your fireplace and or woodstove.
  • Keep charcoal safely stored and have a charcoal grill available if you need to grill any meals outside.
  • Batteries, batteries, batteries in proper sizes for your equipment such as flashlights, etc., is a must.  You can never have too many batteries or too many flashlights.
  • Sanitation needs must be considered.  Have sufficient toilet paper stockpiled; pages of phone books can also be used as a toilet paper substitute.  If you have rainbarrels outside you can use the water from them to flush the toilet if you are on well water and if you don’t have a generator running to provide power.
  • Keep small denominations of spare cash available.  If the power is out and some businesses are open; they likely will not be able to take credit card transactions.  You will also not be able to use an ATM machine to get cash.
  • Do what is necessary to ensure the safety of yourself and your family.  Choose your actions wisely.

  1. Hmm….must buy a battery or two…it would be good to have at least one knocking around for a change 😉 Don’t have a phone book but a plentiful supply of newspapers with Olympic material has been stashed so the non-olympic papers could serve the above mentioned purpose 😉 Hmm…spare cash? What’s that? lol…all in all I think my best survival plan and certainly the most workable one is…Looting!!! 🙂

    • rmactsc says:

      Have I mentioned how much I enjoy your sense of humor europasicewolf 🙂 If you ever get your own comedy show I want to watch it and get an autograph 🙂

  2. geroldGerold says:

    Hey, good idea using old phone books for toilet paper. A lot more compact than regular TP & takes up less space.
    Might I add a suggestion – disposable dishes & cutlery so as not to waste water washing dirty dishes when there’s a water shortage. They also last indefinitely.

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