More Reasons To Oppose Gun Control

Posted: August 30, 2012 in Commentary
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Still need convincing…….here are more reasons that gun control is wrong.

  • Gun control laws only effect those who obey them.  In other words while law abiding citizens would be forced to turn in their guns, criminals won’t.  Gun control is every criminal’s dream.  Criminals don’t obey laws which is why they are criminals.
  • Where has gun control reduced crime?  Nowhere.  Places with the strictest gun control laws routinely see rising crime rates.  See the previous bullet point for the explanation on why.
  • The 2nd Amendment guarantees the right to keep and bear arms.  You cannot handpick which amendments to follow and which ones to ignore.
  • Automobiles kill far more people than guns.  Imagine how you would feel if one day a law was passed that said you must turn in your car.  A car that you worked hard for and paid for and by the passing of a new law was suddenly against the law to own.
  • When it comes right down to it, your own self defense is up to you.  The police are reactive meaning they show up after a crime has ocurred.  If you are attacked your attacker is not going to stop to give you time to call 911 and wait for the police to arrive before they try and harm you.  You have to defend yourself immediately against violent crime and a gun is the greatest self defense equalizer ever made.
  • Gun control is incompatible with individual rights.  It does nothing other than protect criminals and put law abiding citizens in a defenseless position.

  1. 1stminstrel says:

    It is sad that we must repeat the message everyday, you have, I have and many others that truely understand what reality is where gun control is concerned. It is the old saying, “Outlaw guns and only Outlaws will have guns”…If I had a daughter, she would be taught to use a firearm before she would be taught to dial 911….the time between Life and Death is seconds, average police response is 10 min….people need to think really hard about self defense. The 2nd Amendment covers many aspects and that is only one of them. Great post…

    • rmactsc says:

      We think alike on this 1stminstrel. As a law abiding citizen it is my right and responsibility to protect myself and my family through proficient training with my firearms 🙂

  2. Zombease says:

    I just wanted to point out that many supports of tighter gun control are looking to remove semi-automatics, and other weapons whose prime purpose is destruction not hunting or basic protection. I’m not a fan of guns, but I do believe in a persons right to APPROPRIATE personal protection.

    An example would be this: I have the right to carry a semi-automatic shotgun around in public, just in case I’m mugged, but a small handgun or training in self-defense could protect me appropriately… so why have all that unnecessary firepower?

    I’d also like to share this image with you that shows the percentage of homicides by firearm per country. If you take the time to look, you’ll notice that places like Canada and most all of Europe (which have strict gun laws) have almost 50% less homicides by firearm. Thanks for your time!

    • rmactsc says:

      Think of WW2 where many European countries citizens could not defend themselves against aggression because they were denied the ownership of firearms. Mission dicatates weapons choice so as you are free to buy the most powerful car or truck that you choose to own; the same applies to various types of semi auto weapons. While a handgun is great in most circumstances if my life was in jeapordy by a crazed mob I’d be in a much better position to defend myself with an AR-15 rifle with 30 round magazines.

      • Zombease says:

        I agree with you, I’m just pointing out the clear statistics that show countries with tighter gun control laws effectivley have at least 50% less gun related deaths.

        It’s sad to me that so many in the world have become so tied to the idea of “Everyone’s against me, and everyone is a danger” that weaponization is the only way to be safe.

        I vote, better education and equal living standards for all. Hopefully that’ll bring us all to a better place… but then again, I know that’s only a dream.

  3. Mikie says:

    Say Zombease, how can you achieve an “equal standard of living for all” when so many are willing to take everything the government is willing to give, but are not willing to work beyond that level? You can strive for equal opportunities, but you will never have equal outcomes unless they are forced on us, and then that standard will be the lower for everybody.

    As for education, it is available to anyone willing to be educated, just as we are educating ourselves about self-sufficiency and survival through websites like rmactsc.Our government thinks a better education is only possible by doing more of the same thing (at guaranteed higher cost every year) it has been doing for decades -with diminishing returns. This is reason home-schooling is growing so much; better education and less indoctrination. . . . . . jes sayin’

    Aloha, Mikie

    • rmactsc says:

      I agree with Mikie on this. Better opportunities in jobs, education, etc., are available if you go out and seek them, not wait for someone to maybe come along and hand them to you.

    • Zombease says:

      Opportunities for education are not equal to all. Internet, books, and school supplies cost money, and you have to have transportation to access most of those things as well (something not everyone can afford beyond walking reasonable distances). As far as home-schooling goes, your are right that anyone can do it, IF they aren’t too busy working, trying to find work, are disabled, don’t have access to basic supplies, etc… So, unfortunately I have to disagree and say that education is sadly not available to those “willing” to be educated.

      In addition to basic education like how to read, write, and calculate, there is higher education (college). I doubt that you will disagree with me on this one; college is expensive whether it’s a community college or not. Again the costs of materials such as books, housing, transportation, are impossible for many people to pay… not to mention the cost of tuition.

      As for job opportunities, I also have to disagree for the most part. Yes there are jobs available for a percentage of the population, but many do not offer a living wage (by living wage I mean enough to buy you food, shelter, clothing, and medical help when needed).

      Also, if you can, imagine that you are injured on your way home from work… let’s say you were in a car accident and had to go to the hospital. You lack insurance so you know that you can’t pay your medical bills, but you have to be treated. Luckily it was the weekend and you have a couple days to collect yourself before returning to work, but Monday rolls around and you aren’t well enough to go back. In fact, you’ve broken your leg and wont be able to return to work for months… After a month of leave your employers have to let you go and fill the position with someone else…. you are not injured, deeply in debt from your medical bills, rent, food, and you have no income. The state can’t/won’t help you because their case load is too high from others in situations just like you.

      Because you were fired, and your injury left you a little on the stiff side, finding work is proving difficult… if only you’d had a better education. But I forget, you couldn’t make it to college because you had to start working at 15 to help pay the bills.

      Just saying, it’s not always as simple as: “Go learn something” or “Get a job”

      • rmactsc says:

        That’s a lot to respond to lol 🙂 I’ll keep it brief and talk about college. Anyone who has graduated high school legitimately can go to college. There are 4 ways and almost everyone falls into at least one of the four categories. 1- If you have the money pay for college outright. 2 – If you don’t have the money take a student loan as most college students do. 3- Scholarships if you are eligible to defray costs. 4 – Join the National Guard, in my state college tuition is 100% free at state universities if you join the National Guard.

      • Zombease says:

        I’ll stop after this, because I don’t want to be a “troll”, but each of those options are also circumstantial, and have their limitations.not everyone can get student loans, scholarships are limited, and not everyone is eligible for the national guard.

        I agree that it isn’t always impossible for someone to further their education, but it also isn’t an equal road for everyone.

        Anyhow, let’s move on shall we? I’m looking forward to your future posts.

  4. kloquercio says:

    While I agree and think this is a great topic for debate—it is just that—a topic for debate.

    We will continue to argue about this as a country without any action being taken for many years to come. There will always be a Side A: Pro-whatever it is you like. Just as there will always be a Side B: Anti- whatever it is you like.

    There are way too many people in this country with way too many opinions to ever let anything go into effect. The only period of time we could make such large decisions as a country was when people [felt] they couldn’t speak up—and not only that, but they literally coudn’t. Now the resources we have to voice our thoughts and add our two cents to nearly anything are virtually limitless… Therefore we just have a future full of debates in our hands.

    That’s all everything ever is; a debate against parties of people who are biased.

    We need to just listen to facts.
    Cold hard facts. And base our decisions off of the statistics—leave the personal bullshit at home.

  5. Admin says:

    Love it, re-blogged as well !

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