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So you have your bug out bag pre-packed and ready to go………but will you be able to carry it if you need to use it? ¬†We all know as we get older it becomes harder and harder to carry weight any significant distance; just think about the differences in what you can do physically when you were 20 or 30 years old as compared to 50 years old!

With that said here’s an everyday exercise you can consider doing right before bedtime. ¬†Put on your bug out bag and walk up and down the stairs in your home 1 time, then do 1 deep knee bend. ¬†The next night go up and down the stairs 2 times and do 2 deep knee bends. ¬†The next night go up and down the stairs 3 times and do 3 deep knee bends and continue the pattern increasing by 1 each night.

Regardless of your body type if you can’t carry your bug out bag strapped to your back for a significant distance you are going to be at a disadvantage if you need to set out on foot with your supplies to avoid a disaster. ¬†So have a well stocked bug out bag and the ability to carry it and use it.

You cannot survive without sufficient clean drinking water, sufficient food, followed by sufficient shelter and a sufficient means of self defense. ¬†These four things are absolutely, positively essential to your survival when disaster strikes. ¬†Without these basic essentials you will not survive; so it is worth repeating……. You must have sufficient clean drinking water, sufficient food, followed by sufficient shelter and a sufficient means of self defense. ¬†Start preparing today!

Do not buy a survival retreat as a secondary bug out location even if it is deep in the woods and off the beaten path unless you or someone in your family is going to live there year round. ¬†Here’s why! ¬†Let’s say you’ve got a nice retreat location 60 or 90 or 120 miles away from your primary residence, in a location you think is hidden from sight and you’ve stocked it with supplies such as food, water, guns, ammo, etc. ¬†If you are not living there year round, here is what’s likely going to happen.

If the SHTF, others who are roaming around looking for a place to hunker down and survive are going to find your uninhabited retreat and make themselves right at home.  When you show up waving your deed showing you own the place are they going to care?  Heck no.  You will likely be chased off or worse yet; shot and killed and your stashed survival supplies will be used by these new occupants.

Unless you are going to live year round at your retreat so you can use it for yourself and your families survival and be there to defend it; it is a better decision to fortify and protect your existing home. Hopefully that home is already in a rural area or the suburbs as remaining in the city if the SHTF is only asking for trouble.

In any survival situation there are key personality traits which can improve your overall chances for survival.  These traits are as follows.

  • Sensitivity – The ability to be aware of your surroundings at all times (situational awareness), including noticing danger signs, interpreting¬†another persons¬†body language, determining what various noises are and what they mean, etc.
  • Adaptability – The ability to change your plans as needed and to not fall apart when things don’t go your way.¬† You have to be able to roll with the changes and not get derailed if plans or situations change.
  • Courage – The ability to have a firm committment to survival and to do what is necessary in the face of danger to survive.¬†¬†Courage¬†allows you to¬†master¬†your fears and proceed ahead with the tasks at hand.
  • Patience – The ability to wait for the right moment before you take action.¬† Timing is everything.
  • Decisiveness – The ability to make correct decisions based on available facts.¬† Sitting around waiting for something to happen can often be detrimental to your survival.
  • Self Confidence – The ability to utilize your skills and abilities in a confident, positive manner regardless of the circumstances.
  • Mental Toughness – The ability to stay alert and¬†focused and to know that no matter what; you will be victorious in any situation¬†that arises.


What is one of the most dangerous scenarios that can occur in a SHTF situation?  The answer is other people.  Anytime other people are cold, wet, hungry, scared, in panic mode and unprepared to the point that it is a life or death situation for them; the thin veneer of civilization will fade away and they will resort to their base animal instincts to try and take what you have by any means necessary; without regard to your safety or your life.  

Having a SHTF supply of food, water, medicine, clothing, fuel, etc., is not enough.  You must have the means, determination, weapons, ammo, training and skills to keep what you have set aside for your families survival from those who did not prepare and will try and take your supplies.  Need proof, just look at what happened during the LA riots or Hurricane Katrina.  Need I say more!

Your fixed blade knife with sheath must be secured to your bug out bag in such a manner as to allow for quick access when needed.  The two best places to attach a fixed blade knife with sheath are

1 РTo the front portion of the right or left  shoulder strap.

2 -On the right or left side of the pack so it extends high enough above the pack to easily reach over your shoulder to unfasten the knife from the sheath and quickly draw the knife as needed.  

The left or right side choice for both methods can be determined by which hand you plan on using the weapon with.  My personal mounting choices would be right side on both of the above scenarios. 

Do you have a semi automatic rifle or handgun that malfunctions from time to time where the shell casing does not eject after firing and then prevents the follow up round from loading?  Try the following.  When you load your mags place one less round in the mag then they are capable of holding.  As examples my AR-15 rifle has  detachable mags that holds 30 rounds but I always load them with only 29 rounds each.  My Smith & Wesson M&P 45 handgun has detachable mags that hold 10 rounds but  I always load them with only 9 rounds each.  In many cases this will fix feeding malfunctions.

Preperation is so important to your chances of surviving a disaster that I wanted to share the following key points with my readers.

  • Wherever you currently reside, if you look around; you most likely already have the essential elements for survival; food, water and shelter.¬† Review what you have and stock up on more of these items¬†to get you through your anticipated disaster scenario.
  • Disaster scenarios can be temporary such as hurricanes or floods, long term such as social unrest or¬†political upheaval or permanent such as a nuclear disaster.
  • The danger increases and your survival chances decrease if you are unprepared for a situation.
  • Prepare for the disaster scenarios that are most likely to occur in your given area.
  • Ameneties we are used to having may not be available if disaster strikes; so plan accordingly.
  • Whenver possible and safe to do so it is better to shelter in place, in your home then to leave.¬†
  • Never become a refugee as that opens you up to a myrad of potentially new dangers.
  • Proper mindset and decision making skills are essential.