How Women can be Prepared when the SHTF

Posted: September 4, 2012 in Survival
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One of my readers, kindly asked me if I could write a specific article on how women can be prepared when the SHTF.  After giving the matter much thought, the following would be some recommendations that I can offer. 

  • Make sure you have the proper mindset which means whatever happens you must firmly believe that you will survive no matter what disaster confronts you.
  • Control your fears.  This is essential.
  • Practice regularly with whatever weapons you plan on using for self defensive.   Be thoroughly familiar with how your weapons function and practice frequently.  Firearms drills to practice should include safely loading, unloading, clearing malfunctions, acquiring your target and basic weapons maintenance.
  • Rape will be an ever present threat when the SHTF so make sure you know some basic fighting techniques and know which specific strike points on the human body will instantly incapacitate an attacker.  There are many strike points on an attackers body which can accomplish this.
  • Be selective and careful whom you trust.  If you get a feeling that a person is untrustworthy or a danger to you, do not dismiss that feeling but instead pay attention to it and distance yourself accordingly.
  • Stock up on survival basics which means have at least a 3 month supply of food, water, medicine and make sure you have sufficient guns, ammo and gun related gear as well as shelter options available to you.  Don’t forget feminine products including menstrual pads and birth control.
  • Have an attitude of confidence and project it openly.  Make yourself a hard target so anyone considering doing you harm will think twice about doing so.  Most criminals would rather try and take $20.00 from someone who won’t resist then take a $100.00 from someone who will offer strong resistance.
  • Be mentally and physically fit to as much a degree as possible.
  • Have a prepacked bug out bag available with your survival essentials and make sure you can carry it for a considerable distance.  The bag will be useless if you can only carry it to the end of the driveway and then need to stop.
  • Have some reference manuals which contain quick access to short and long term survival methods available to you.
  • Know the difference between cover and concealment.  Cover allows you to hide and will stop a bullet where as concealment will allow you to hide but will not stop a bullet.
  • Know when to attack and when not to.
  • If you have to leave the area stay off the main roads.  You may travel parellel to them from areas which are away from prying eyes but stay off of the main roads.
  • Whenever possible it is better to stay put in a fortifed location such as a properly hardened home then to leave and set out on foot.

  1. CDP says:

    Your first 2 points are accurately stated and placed on the list. Mindset is everything. You can have the best tools in the world but if you are not willing to use them they are worthless.

    My wife and I have worked with several single women who are trying to prepare. And all of them believed some bad things are coming down the pike but they believed there was little they could do be ready. This is not true. To be honest I would hate to have face my wife with her rifle or pistol in hand. She is fast, accurate, and determined.

    Each lady we worked with, I encouraged them to practice, practice, and practice some more. Practice builds confidence. Confidence goes a long way in mastering fear. Confidence will help keep you from panicking.

    Good post.

  2. Zombease says:

    This set of advice could go just as easily for everyone, thanks for sharing.

  3. Excellent advice and very helpful thanks 🙂 I suppose I’d better try to reduce the awesomely large size and contents of my BOB bag 😉 That point about cover and concealment was enlightening, I hadn’t thought about there being a difference between the two terms, rather that they were one and the same. And I wouldn’t mind getting my Wolfie paws on a weapon like the one you showcase here! I’d have no qualms about using that in self defense. One thing I learned the hard way is no matter how uneasy I feel looking over shoulder to check if anyone’s following you IS very important – periodically. Doing so every few minutes, as I did for some time after a late night attack on the way home, is NOT! It would appear to draw attention to the fact you’re a bag of nerves and expecting to be attacked at any moment and consequently draws all kinds of nerve wracking and unwanted attentions from guys who probably wouldn’t have given a 2nd thought otherwise. That said, once bitten twice shy.

  4. rmactsc says:

    I own a bunch of those elite forces knives. I was stunned to learn they were only about $14.00 each from Amazon so I ordered quite a few. They work better then some of my more expensive knives and for less than the price of a large pizza plus free shipping it was a great deal. Sorry to hear about your attack, would it be too personal to ask you to tell your story?

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