Well I’ve decided to retire my 45 litre Fox Rio Grande Woodland Camo bug out bag in favor of my old woodland camo medium size Alice Pack.  Problem was the Alice Pack strapping system; clipping and unclipping the straps always seemed to be problamatic.  Solution……..I went out and bought some industrial strength sewing thread, a 6 inch sewing needle and a leather thumb thimble to push the needle and thread through the material.  Then using scissors, some sewing skills, some cloth tape and a lighter to repair frayed ends I was able to replace the old Alice threaded attachments with  spare pairs of voodoo tactical quick release buckles.

But why stop there.  I reinforced the waist belt by sewing a military, heavy duty pistol belt to the original waist belt in conjunction with strategically placed cloth tape which not only doubles the strength of the belt but also allows heavier pouches, holsters, etc., to be mounted directly to the web belt/waist belt.  I also added a carry handle to the top of the frame so lifting the bag has just become easier.

My wife said “just take it to a tailor and show them what you want and they can machine sew it.” “No” I said.  I wanted to try this myself and although I had to sew it by hand and it was a royal pain to get the needle and thread through the thick straps and belt; I managed to do it all in about three hours and it came out pretty well.  Considering places that modify Alice Packs charge about $120.00 to do these types of modifications; I was able to do it myself for about $19.00 in materials and three hours of my time.  Just goes to show you what can be done with a little time, ingenuity and effort.  Next step will be to load the pack up and see how it holds up while carrying supplies.

  1. Hey, it saved money and increased your sewing skills. That can’t hurt…. unless you jabbed your finger with the needle.

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