Personality Traits to Help you Survive Revisited

Posted: September 25, 2012 in Survival
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In any survival situation there are key personality traits which can improve your overall chances for survival.  These traits are as follows.

  • Sensitivity – The ability to be aware of your surroundings at all times (situational awareness), including noticing danger signs, interpreting another persons body language, determining what various noises are and what they mean, etc.
  • Adaptability – The ability to change your plans as needed and to not fall apart when things don’t go your way.  You have to be able to roll with the changes and not get derailed if plans or situations change.
  • Courage – The ability to have a firm committment to survival and to do what is necessary in the face of danger to survive.  Courage allows you to master your fears and proceed ahead with the tasks at hand.
  • Patience – The ability to wait for the right moment before you take action.  Timing is everything.
  • Decisiveness – The ability to make correct decisions based on available facts.  Sitting around waiting for something to happen can often be detrimental to your survival.
  • Self Confidence – The ability to utilize your skills and abilities in a confident, positive manner regardless of the circumstances.
  • Mental Toughness – The ability to stay alert and focused and to know that no matter what; you will be victorious in any situation that arises.


  1. 1stminstrel says:

    The only thing I would add would be if available in a person’s given area or near enough to attend:
    “A Combat Survival Course”…They teach semi-advance skills in all areas. I know some are offered at various locations in the States.

  2. zero2prep says:

    Loved the article, especially on the trait of adaptability, because so many are too rigid or close minded or just plain and simply stuck in their ways.

  3. highdesertlivin says:

    During the second world war , it was noted that when the merchant marine ships were sunk by uboats, that the younger , stronger men were not surviving. The older less in shape men were.They determined that the more hard life experiences, a man has to endure in his life time ,the more likely he was to not give up the fight and survive.This is where the roots for outward bound were formed. With hard training ,and exposure to do or die situations survival rates for these young men spiked.So challenge yourself, push. On that hike where your tired, its raining and you finished your usual loop, do it again . comfort zone be damned, sally forth!

  4. I see the cat has a keen survival instinct and is faithfully fulfilling your great advice as a fine example to us all!

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