If the SHTF and food and water become hard for people to locate, expect government officials, police and fire departments to consider you a hoarder if they find out you have bulk stocked up on food and water.  Keep these preparations to yourself; as being prepared to them will be nothing more than an opportunity to these officials to seize your items and redistribute them to the masses.  Why should a 3 month supply of food and water needed for your family be taken and given to others who were not properly prepared!  Use stealth when stocking up on your survival supplies.

  1. highdesertlivin says:

    Hey……………… Easy on the firefighters, most of us chose the fire service because we are not cop type people. We do not enforce law , we are professional hand lenders . No disrespect to law enforcement guys , I work intimately with them often . We just are diferent types. There have been many a time I have seen something technically illegal , but victimless . We will generally turn a blind eye . thnx

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