If the SHTF and you are not at your safe location (for many people their safe location will be their primary residence), you need to be aware of the following when planning and driving to a secure and safe place.

  • You must have pre-planned alternate routes to get you to safety.  Your primary route may be blocked due to unsafe road conditions, traffic jams, downed trees or power lines, etc.
  • Know where it is safe to turn your vehicle around.  You do not want to be stuck due to obstructions like guard rails or fences or find yourself in a dead end alley and blocked in.
  • Practice going to work and coming home taking alternate routes in case you ever need to use them and familiarize yourself with the side streets near your workplace and near your home.
  • If you use GPS don’t rely too heavily on it.  Your judgement is always better than GPS coordinates in a dangerous situation.
  • Have available road maps of your local area and use them when needed.
  • Have a workable survival plan.

  1. phoebe53 says:

    Good advice on the maps but make an effort to get some topographical maps they have little roads that the city and state maps don’t have.

  2. rmactsc says:

    Excellent suggestion phoebe53 🙂

  3. ukzombiekiller says:

    We have 3 viable bug out locations and plans on every realistic route in and out. We’ve done dry runs of the journeys. Nothing beats actually driving the route. We also planned for being unable to complete the route by road and have back up, on foot, plans.

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