When the SHTF, avoid checkpoints where you will be re-routed or sent to a shelter.   Why?  The chances are high that any survival supplies you have will be confiscated and emergency shelters will not allow you entry with your self defense firearms.

If you are in a vehicle, stay off the main roads……if you are on foot, stay off the roads entirely and move through the woods or near railroad tracks that run parallel to your intended destination.  Your intent is to move without being seen which means do not walk along the sidewalks or down the middle of the road.  

Being sufficiently armed and properly trained is of paramount importance and essential to your survival.  An everyday carry handgun with proper training is a good idea to consider.  You do have your permit already right!!!! If not take the appropriate training and get one immediately before it is too late.

  1. 1stminstrel says:

    Good advice, most people would not think of this…..

  2. rmactsc says:

    Thanks 1stminstrel 🙂

  3. ukzombiekiller says:

    I truly wish we could carry firearms in the uk. We’re so heavily restricted on carrying anything that can be used as a weapon that me and my family have had to be quite creative on protection. Even carrying my wrecking bar in my car without justification would land me a criminal record. Apparently “the zombies might come” is not a good reason.

    • rmactsc says:

      What reasons do they give for making it such a restrictive environment ukzombiekiller?

      • I have no idea. If you’re creative (and willing to try to explain yourself) there are ways around it. I have regular talks with local police who come into my store about whether something would be legal to carry. They now come in and ask “what have you got today then?” before I explain my latest madcap weapon idea. You can keep certain firearms, properly licensed but the criteria for the license is massively restrictive and if you don’t stick to the terms you lose your license. I’ve just come to the end of a 5 year ban because I moved my (now ex) father in law’s shotgun from his empty house after his death, into my house. I was licensed to keep shotguns, I was checked and approved, but his shotguns weren’t registered to my address and somebody shopped me. All my guns were confiscated and my license revoked, with a ban. Nice work UK laws. Apparently it was preferrable to leave them unguarded in an empty house. Caryying firearms is a big no-no unless you’re police or army.

      • rmactsc says:

        That’s one of the great things about the United States. As a law abiding citizen and a pistol permit holder I can walk into any gun store in my residence state and purchase any handgun, rifle or shotgun of my choosing without having to wait or being denied the right to purchase.

  4. Does that also not mean, that that’s precisely the reason for easy access to weapons for dangerous people too?

  5. rmactsc says:

    For law abiding citizen’s a permit is required for a handgun purchase and a background check is done plus some training is required before the permit is issued. Responsible gun owners make sure their weapons are secured when not in use. Anti-social elements with the right connections could obtain one illegally I suppose if they are resourceful enough but the premise of the article is directed towards law abiding citizens who need to protect themselves and their families if the SHTF.

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