Home security is something that needs to be taken seriously.  You want your home to be both difficult and undesirable for a criminal.  The following are some recommended actions to take to keep your home safe.

  • Make your home appear as if it is occupied at all times.
  • Valuables should be concealed and well hidden.
  • A large dog that barks when people approach is a good pet to have.
  • Don’t flash cash or jewelry in public.
  • Don’t leave empty TV boxes, computer boxes, etc., at the roadside for trash pickup as it will alert burglars that you have a large dollar new item.
  • Keep windows, front and back doors, sliding doors and garages locked.
  • Remove bushes that can conceal a burglar near your home.
  • Get caller ID.
  • Beware of dishonest workmen, contractors or handyman who may want to do work on your home only to scope it out as a potential burglary target.
  • Do not let mail, newspapers or flyers pile up in front of your door or in your mailbox as this is a potential sign that the house is unoccupied at the present time.
  • If you are out for the day leave $20.00 in cash, in plain view, inside the house by the front door.  If the $20.00 is gone when you return you will know someone has been inside the house.
  • Be situationally aware.
  • Have a plan of action for dealing with intruders/criminals.

  1. iamrising says:

    Excellent. Thank you for posting that, it’s very universally written, anyone can jump in from any walk of life and understand that. No, “and line the doorway with matchsticks” lol or um “run tripwire through a row of ferns.”

    🙂 !!

  2. iamrising says:

    Ferns are awesome 🙂 They’re so easy to work with, blend *anything* you hide in them. Security cameras, wire, explosives… just kidding I wouldn’t promote that. Unless there were zombies.

  3. Excellent points, in particular I hadn’t thought of the leaving cash inside by the front door etc one, or not leaving empty TV or computer boxes out in view…we have to recycle that sort of thing but plenty dump them outside the houses and leave them. Must mention this to my postman next time he leaves parcels outside my house advertising that no-one’s in,. Very useful info here thanks 🙂

    • rmactsc says:

      Glad I could be of service. I can only imagine what happens over there if you place it in the trash instead of recycling 🙂

      • You get a really really big fine 😀 and they refuse to empty the trash bin which means it sits there for a full 4 weeks full of trash!! (Only emptied 2 weekly even if you do behave 😉 )

  4. Get Security Bars on all windows/doors if it is at all possible within your budget. Cost for the avg. home is somewhere between $3-$5K. It doesn’t have to be the ugly bars that’re from you’re folks’ era. I designed my own and had the local company fab & install them. They even walked through the revision process to get the design within my price range. Look some pictures up on the web and go from there.

    The piece of mind knowing that I do not have to wake up in the middle of the night to someone kicking in my door or climbing through a window is priceless.

    Also – here’s a neat, inexpensive trick to make a room look occupied:

    • rmactsc says:

      I live in a nice suburban neighborhood and wouldn’t mind having security bars but the wife is not a fan of them so had to pass on that idea for my home. However the big Alaskan Malamute I have, fenced yard and home defense firearms plus proficiency in their use will have to do 🙂

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