So You Want to Survive if the SHTF

Posted: October 4, 2012 in Survival
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So you want to survive if the SHTF, here are some additional recommendations you might consider following to help you achieve that goal.

  • Go to the range, practice and become proficient with your firearms.  When not at the range practice at home using dry fire techniques with snap caps.
  • Pay attention to your training and work harder at those things you are less proficient on in order to increase your overall proficiency.
  • Test all of your gear.  Make sure everything works.  If it doesn’t either fix it or replace it and test it again.
  • Make sure your ammo is properly labeled and kept in separate pouches.  Do not mix different calibers of ammo in the same pouch.
  • If you think you will need it then purchase it and train with it if it will help you to survive.
  • Have an open mind when it comes to gear, training and ideas.  A new idea or method may be just the thing that saves your life.
  • Train the way you will fight.


  1. Does a SHTF situation include the explosive thunder and shaking foundations caused by ones living room ceiling caving in and crashing down onto the living room floor smashing through the floor boards in the process? 😉 Nobody was underneath it at the time but the gaping hole now in the ceiling/floor depending on your location nearly saw the guy walking across when it collapsed to go through with it! There is an apocalyptic amount of orange dust everywhere now…I have to jump this cavernous gap to reach my room now…it is a massive peripice into the void of the sitting room now!! Does it count do you think? It is very dangerous! I don’t think a gun would help…unless it was to get back at the idiot who left it in that unsafe state 🙂 (removing of chimney fireplace leaving no ceiling support!) There is a danger of apocalypic rats getting in from under the floor now…so! SHTF jobbeee>?? 😀

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