Perhaps no armed robbers, thugs or murders have shown up at your door and you are starting to question whether all this self defense, home defense preparation is really worth the time and effort?  The answer most definitely is yes it is worth your time and effort.  Why?  If you are like 99.99999% of the population you are not psychic, you do not have a functioning crystal ball that will tell you the time and place that danger will strike………….so being situationally aware, well trained and well prepared to protect your life and your property is essential.  Keeping your home, your property, yourself and your family safe are of paramount importance.  Take the time and effort now as the peace of mind you will have later will make the endeavor well worth it.

  1. Working on it! Not easy with a houseful of young Russian guys who whilst very cute lol have absolutely no idea about commonsense safety it would seem…like switching off the gas on the cooker before they blow us all sky high! I do have the only working smoke alarm in the house…the others lack batteries…on the bright side I have plenty of male protection around me should I need it!

    • rmactsc says:

      Just how many people live in this house lol 🙂

      • europasicewolf says:

        6 Russians, 1 Polish and moi! Resident Alpha Female wolfie fighting to maintain order and tidiness amongst the all-male population I am currently afflicted with! lol 😉 Nips, bites and shaking by the scruffs are becoming regular occurences in order to keep them all in check 😀

      • rmactsc says:

        That is quite a cast of characters you have there. Sounds exhausting to keep that bunch in line 🙂

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