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Under the cover of night, my associates kidnapped Roger Abramsky (Author of American Rebellion), shackled him, brought him to my star chamber and forced him to play Elizabeth Taylor to my Larry King.  The following is a rush transcript:

Archer Garrett:  Alright Roger, let’s play hardball!

Roger Abramsky:  *Silence*

Garrett Associate:  *Whispering* Sir, that’s Chris Matthews – you’re Larry King.

AG:  Right, right – *In his most raspy voice*  So Roger, Your first book, American Rebellionreleased this week; tell us a little about it.

RA:  In answer to your question, My book American Rebellion Book 1 of the Revolution came about over the dinner table while my wife, kids and I were discussing what would life be like if the Constitution was suspended and law abiding citizen’s suddenly found themselves living their lives without the rights, freedoms or liberty that the Constitution guarantees.  How would this effect ones ability to survive?  As my book description states:

Imagine for a moment that the U.S. Constitution has been suspended. That the rights, freedoms and protections you were guaranteed have been rescinded and that the federal government has regressed into a brutal dictatorship. For Michael Kent and the members of Force 121 they must fight against government tyranny in order to restore the Constitution while forming a new Free United States where the rule of law once again will reign supreme. But along the way there are battles to be fought, alliances to be made and traitors to be dealt with. This is book 1 in the American Rebellion series.

AG:  A lot of books in our genre try to combine teachable skills and training into the storyline. Was this part of your goal or did you try to focus more on the characters and the story itself?

RA:  It was actually a combination of all of those things.  I run a survival where I blog about survival and preparedness skills and I certainly try to incorporate, whenever possible, those ideas into various segments of the story line.  I would say that in order of importance was:
1 – keeping a consistent story line which at times is not an easy thing for any writer to do
2 – Developing interesting characters and
3 – Embedding some what if type of survival and preparedness information into the book.

AG:  Often times in my series I would take headlines in the news and try to imagine what they could snowball into in 6 months or a year if things started to unravel.

Sometimes I found myself later reading similar news stories to what I had fictionalized – its pretty unnerving when that happens!

With events occurring at a seemingly exponential pace, did that happen to you any, or did you find yourself going back to rewrite storylines because reality was beginning to date them?

RA:  I actually dated events in my book starting to occur in 2017 and continuing on from there.  Fortunately none of the events in my book have really happened in their entirety yet, but with the path the country is currently on, under the current administration, the potential for these events to happen and for society to shift away from its Constitutional roots is greater than I believe at any time in our history.  We are fast approaching the edge of the cliff where if a course correction to our federal governments policy doesn’t occur, martial law and an economic collapse are inevitable.

AG:  *Lights incense and puts on a turban* That’s a great lead in to the next question. I think this election could be a tipping point. Like a kink in a hose, pressure is building up. Wanna put on your Nostradamus hat and tell us what you think may be some events we see over the next year?

RA:  I shall certainly give it my best shot.  I see two divergent paths as possibilities. 1 – Obama gets re-elected which stagnates business growth, increases unemployment, increases tensions even further in the middle east, ratchets up class warfare to unprecedented levels and imposes harsh new gun restrictions on law abiding citizens. 2 – Romney gets elected which increases business growth, decreases unemployment, gets the economy moving in the right direction, stabilizes temporarily the middle east, re-affirms the rights of law abiding citizens to own firearms but increases rioting within the inner cities.

AG:  One final question before we go – 9mm or 45?  If 9mm, are the rumors true you’re a student of Marx?  If 45, why do you bitterly cling to a century old design and those pithy single-stack mags?

RA:   Excellent question.  I am actually a fan of both.  My every day carry gun used to be a Bersa Thunder Pro 9mm which held 17 rounds although this past year I switched my everyday carry to a Smith & Wesson M&P 45 which holds 10 rounds in the mag.  For me it all came down to a larger projectile with a higher grain weight and as I prefer accuracy over total round count I prefer the 45.  But in fairness both rounds for handgun defensive purposes are excellent choices.

AG:  Thanks Roger for stopping by for my fireside chat.

Roger Abramsky!  Author, patriot, blogger and probably not a Marxist or 1911 zombie – (but possibly!).  Check out his book, American Rebellion.  On Amazon, you can view the first dozen pages to get a feel for his work.

  1. Cool! Great interview…and it’s amazing what people discuss over dinner 😉 lol… 😀

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