How to Zero the Iron Sights on an AR-15 Rifle

Posted: October 19, 2012 in Weapons
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Here’s the method I use to zero the iron sights on my AR-15 rifle.  The purpose of zeroing your sights is so that your point of aim equals your point of impact.  So here’s the method I use on my AR-15.  Feel free to ask any questions if any of this needs clarification 🙂

  1. Set your elevation knob to 8/3 low or if you are using the carry handle which is what I do, to 6/3 low.  The elevation knob will be located just below the peep sight.
  2. Flip the aperture to the long range sight (small peephole) although as you get older you may find the short range aperture (large peephole marked 0-2) easier to use and if that is the case then use the short range sight.
  3. From a steady position aim at the center bulls eye of your paper target, which should be set out at 25 meters which is equal to approximately 27.34 yards and fire a 6 round grouping.
  4. If your grouping has hit the bulls eye then there is no further adjustments needed.
  5. If the grouping has not hit the bulls eye then calculate how far away you are from the bulls eye both vertically and horizontally and adjust as follows.
  6. Calculate your clicks of windage (left to right) required to move the impact point towards the center of the bulls eye.  On my AR-15 using .223 ammunition at 27.34 yards, each click equals 3/8 of an inch.  Then adjust by rotating the windage knob located on the right side of the carry handle.
  7. Calculate clicks of front sight elevation (up and down) required to move the impact point towards the center of the bulls eye.  On my AR-15 my elevation equals 3/8 of an inch for each click at the previously specified distance.
  8. Using a $7.00 or so front sight adjustment tool (much easier to use then a nail) depress the front sight plunger and turn the required number of clicks to move your point of impact towards the bulls eye.  Clockwise lowers the sight but raises the point of impact.  Counter clock wise raises the sight but lowers the point of impact.
  9. Fire another 6 rounds at the bulls eye.  If your grouping hits the bulls eye your adjustments are done.  If not, repeat steps 5 through 9 until your point of aim finally equals your point of impact.

  1. rsmallory says:

    good tips. I shared the link on Militia Momma’s facebook page.

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