Weapons Belt for when the SHTF

Posted: October 22, 2012 in Equipment
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I’ve recently been going over some of my survival gear and suddenly realized the military pistol belts I had been using for potential SHTF situations could be improved upon.  After searching the surplus stores, I came upon the Condor Riggers Belt (OD green for me) which I find to be superior to the military pistol belts so I made the switch.

Here’s why.  The Riggers Belt accepts a variety of Molle gear configurations, the Velcro closure with steel buckle allows for very quick sizing changes, the forged steel harness attachment has an 8,000 pound tensile strength and if you ever need to be air lifted by helicopter, for example, the steel harness attachment is perfect for clipping and securing the rescue line.

I keep two separate riggers belt; the first is setup for AR-15 and pistol configuration and the second is setup for shotgun and pistol configuration.  These are for SHTF scenarios only as far as my applications are concerned, but if I ever need one it is already set up with appropriate holsters, Molle ammo pouches, etc., for if and when a SHTF survival situation should arise.

  1. 1stminstrel says:

    very nice looking and dependable unit.

  2. Great piece of gear, I used these everyday while on active duty. Also is great when you couple it with the Condor Battle Belt, which is a padded molle sleeve that goes around your riggers belt. It allows the weight of drop holsters, dump pouches, etc. to rest on the hips with padding instead of immediately rubbing into your waist, or pulling on your trousers like a normal belt with weight attached. I personally wear the riggers belt on my trousers, then the battle belt (with quick release Blackhawk belt) over my waist so that I can dump my leg mounted gear in a hurry if the need arises. Great articles man, keep em comin.

    • rmactsc says:

      Thank you for your service warriorethos0311. Glad to see that the belt stood up to everyday military use. In my area, Connecticut they sell out quickly so are hard to get. I may need to stock up on more than 2 of them the next time size L is available around here.

  3. Cool 🙂 And you have how many pistol belts now? lol 😉

  4. highdesertlivin says:

    When ,”on duty ” I wear a blackhawk riggers belt, they actually make 2 that are identical. However only one is g rated (1 person rescue load 300 Lbs) . The difference is the use of some red stiching in the threadwork. Point being , just cuz theres a d ring and a double back buckle does not necessarily mean it is a true load bearing unit. As always thanks for the read.

    • rmactsc says:

      You bring up an excellent point highdesertlivin. Just because the Condor Riggers Belt says 8,000 pound tensile strength I certainly would not want to be the one who has to put that to the test. I suspect the Condor riggers belt would have little trouble supporting my weight if the situation warranted but hopefully that premise will never need to be tested 🙂

  5. highdesertlivin says:

    What I neglected to mention is that the 300 lb. L ( light dutyr) rating reflects a 15 to 1 safety factor (nfpa high angle rope code) this give my belt a 4500 lb rating. A 2 person rated piece of hardware would have a G ( general) rating of 9000 pounds . 600 lbs times 15 equaling 9000 lbs..error on my part on above post, it should read L rated for light duty. Thanks again

  6. las artes says:

    I’d put everything but the holster and maybe the pistol mags on the vest. You can stick 6 mags on the front of the vest, an admin on the upper chest portion. Put a utility pouch of some variety on each side of the cummerbund (you could easily fit more than one) and a hydration carrier (MAP is a good option) on your back. That’ll carry everything you need on your vest.

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