Shooting Center Mass and Head Shots

Posted: October 27, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Why is shooting center mass and or head shots so important?  In essence because it is combat effective. It stops assailants who are trying to harm you and your family, during a home invasion as an example, when the threat of death to you and yours is immediate and apparent.  Head shots are an expedient way to end an attack as hitting the brain turns off the attackers ability to control his central nervous system.  Head shots are generally more difficult then center mass shots as the head is a smaller target and tends to move around more than the torso area.

Center mass is essentially shots to the torso with the preferred location being high on the chest.  These are easier shots to make than head shots as even if your aim is slightly off, you still have a good chance of hitting a vital organ and bringing the attack to an end.  If your life or your families lives are in imminent danger, the primary focus is to stop the attack with a justifiable use of lethal force.  After all your life is more important than some scumbags who is out there to rape or murder you with no regard for your life or the lives or your loved ones.

  1. 1stminstrel says:

    A very good phrase to use when asked why you used lethal force is ” His/her/their actions put my/our life/lives in jeopardy, I fired to “stop” the action”. Add nothing more, make no further statements on the subject.

  2. highdesertlivin says:

    Another reason ,I like the 7.62.Iff a 308 hits your torso, you will go down.A lot of states do not allow you to hunt deer with .223/5.56.Last week I hunted elk w/ my savage 110 tac. in 308, with no doubt about it doing the job. thanks for the read.

    • rmactsc says:

      I use a .308 in my FAL L1A1 but I have very little opportunity to use it at its full capabilities which would be 800-1000 yards depending on conditions, grain weight, etc. Most of the time I’m relegated to the standard 100 yard rifle range distance which is too bad as I’d love to see what it can do at longer distances 🙂

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