As many of you who read my blog know, I support Mitt Romney in this Presidential election.  This election is perhaps the most important one in modern times as the overall future of the United States is at stake.  With that said, if Romney wins I expect to see this country, for the most part get better; but I also expect that many liberals, especially those in the inner cities will not handle it well and I am expecting to see mass rioting, looting, personal property destruction, etc.  I open this question up to all of you.  What do you think the outcome of this election will be and what will be the ramifications?  Looking forward to your comments 🙂


  1. Sarah says:

    I must say that I am a supporter of Obama and will actually be voting for him again, my family is much better off than we were 4 years ago and I am looking at the big picture of where I would like to see things moving and with me being a woman any talk about getting rid of my rights to my own body and healthcare would be enough for me to vote DEM even if I wasn’t. With that being said it might be a bit odd considering that on Monday my mother and I will be going to apply for our FOID cards and I am signing my oldest son up for gun classes, I also do believe it’s prudent to start preparing for a societal collapse just in case but I don’t think that it will be because of this election no matter which party wins, I think it will be do the way that we have treated other countries, our own people and our environment.

    • rmactsc says:

      Hi Sarah. Thanks for your comments. My biggest problems with the Obama administration are the world apology tour he seems to be on, the harsh gun control he would legislate if given a second term, his anti business policies and his everyone is entitled to something mentality. I feel we were a better nation when more people were self reliant than government reliant 🙂

  2. 1stminstrel says:

    I am complete agreement with you on the fact that the Liberals will not walk away quietly. The social atmosphere created by government entitlements has caused a large amount of population to feel that these hand outs are a right not a privilege. The inner city of large population areas are apt to begin the riots of the 60’s again with looting, burning, mob violence etc.
    Obama himself will not leave quietly..but will use his power in EO’s to create as much havoc as possible. In light of the election, there is one section of the big picture that a lot are missing…there are 4 openings coming up in the Supreme Court…if re-elected Obama will place four extreme Liberals in those positions and we can all watch our individual rights be further infringed upon. We Must not let this happen.

  3. conelrad says:

    The prepper mindset should not be tied to any political ideology, as in the case with Sarah. The problem with this supoosed war on women is that it pre supposes that women are only good for reproductive purposes, and that is the only issue women care about, which it is not. There are other issues important to women, or so my wife says-so I will defer to her on the basis of her gender.
    Ok, now to the question at hand. Given the mentality that this administration has fostered, government gives something to everyone, unless it is determined you are wealthy then you should pay more and be punished for it. Watching the easily misled demonstrating and destroying private property during the OWS activities last summer makes me believe that they will riot. They have already threatened violence if they don’t get their way, regardless what the majority thinks or wants. These people are the spoiled children of this country. These people have no idea how to make it on their own and depennd on the government for their very existence. Welfare is a prime example of a program that has become a multi generational life style. These programs have lost their way and have become corrupt. The Democratic party has aligned itself with these people, their base. So it would behoove one to start prepping. Last analysis showed that this country is split 50-50 between those that support the OWS and those of us who are responsible adults. Yes they will throw a national temper tantrum when the Obama loses the election.

  4. Holli says:

    I will never understand the sentiment that repealing Obamacare would mean people losing the “right” to their body. The only thing that would change is that I would no longer be forced to pay for what another person chooses to do with her body.

    I am okay with no one else being forced, by threat of jail, to pay for MY birth control. I don’t see how that restricts my ability to choose what to do with my body.

    How would people feel about being forced, by threat of jail, to pay for “reproductive services” of any woman that wants in vitro fertilization, regardless of ability to pay? My guess is, not happy. And, still, that does not restrict my right to pay for this service. What a concept.

    • Sarah says:

      This is a bit off the subject maybe but I feel a need to respond to this.. Holli the issue with women’s healthcare isn’t involved with “Obama care” (which by the way Romney had a similar plan) it’s men trying to decide when it’s legal and when it’s not legal to have an abortion and giving employers and insurance the right to not cover birth control. Viagra is and has always been covered by all insurance while birth control is not and we pay a higher premium if it is covered. So if your going to ban abortion and restrict access to women’s reproductive healthcare by closing Planned Parenthood like Romney said he wanted to do then you need to cover birth control or you will have more unwanted births and people relying on assistance. I am pro choice and do not think I would ever end a pregnancy but I have also never been raped or the victim of incest. Maybe other area’s of the country haven’t seen the media firestorm that the St Louis area has but look up Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock. They might have tried to back peddle once they spoke but the reality is this is how they feel. Ok off my box now sorry! No matter which party wins I don’t think anything is going to be fixed so I’m still trying to learn some homesteading skills. Much love all.

      • Holli says:

        Ok, first and foremost, Sarah, thanks for responding. 🙂

        The issue of abortion is not, at this moment, whether or not is should be legal (that is another discussion altogether). The question is: do my tax dollars have to go to paying for one for you? And, does the federal government even have the authority to be involved in this at all? (Hint: no).

        The federal government has no authority to decide what insurance covers, that is a state level decision, which the feds have mucked up.

        Another question is: can the federal government make any law that infringes on the freedom of religious practices? No. Clearly, that is a state level decision.

        The federal government also has no authority to fund planned parenthood. Romney has no plan to shut down planned parenthood, that is a ridiculous claim. He promises only to have the federal government not fund it with tax dollars. states may continue to fund it, if they so choose. Again, the question is not for the feds. And, as always, the question is not whether or not these things should be covered, but whether I should be required to pay for them for someone else.

        I have several blogs on these topics,and I can assure you that they have been well researched. I quote original sources, the Supreme laws of the land, the Federalist Papers, as well as the main lawyers of the time of the signing of the documents.

        Please visit for further details, and/or let me know and I’ll post the links that apply to this discussion.

        Either way, neither party will “fix” everything, you are quite right about that. But, slowly, one party can be forced (by its members that are starting to realize the repercussions of not voting wisely) to restore the republican principles outlined in the US Constitution. The other pulls steadily away in the other direction.

      • rmactsc says:

        Very well explained Holli. When you run for President you have my vote 🙂

  5. Holli says:

    I do apologize, my previous comment was off topic.

    As far as what will happen after the elections, I think it depends on how much more vitriol is spewed between now and then, egging people on.

  6. I’ll be very happy when it’s over. I’m about as liberal as possible on social issues, but I’m extremely conservative on fiscal policy, so I often end up holding my nose when I vote for President. In any case, I would never riot, even if the guy I voted against wins. I’m satisfied voting for local candidates and laws anyway. Those are true democratic contests – all votes equal. I think the time for the Electoral College to be discarded is long past.

    • rmactsc says:

      I believe they still use the electoral college as a way for smaller states to get some equal footing attention wise from politicians as some of the larger states.

      • conelrad says:

        the electoral college had its uses in the beginning of our country, but today it allows for the government to sweep mistakes made by elections, when they occur, under the rug! that is why we still keep it and use. the electoral college is based upon population.

    • Holli says:

      While pure democratic processes sound great on paper, they were shunned by our founders. The electoral college is brilliant, and still in use today for good reason. It is the ONLY way to ensure that 1. all votes count and 2. state sovereignty remains (even though it’s been stripped in many ways already) in tact.

      One man, one vote leads to tyranny in all cases in history. There is a reason we have a republic, and the principles reasoned through to arrive at the electoral college are the same now as they were then, and still very much in force.

  7. OH! Forgot to respond to the question in your headline. I think Obama will win, the Dems will retain the Senate, and the GOP will still hold the House, thus proving that we can spend A BILLION DOLLARS and still end up with exactly the same balance of power we had before the election. Ya gotta have an enjoyment of absurdity in this life, or you’ll end up shouting for everyone to get off your lawn.

    • rmactsc says:

      It does pay to keep things in perspective. I believe Romney will win by a decent margin as if you look at how most of the mainstream media reports and conducts polls you can see they are not set up fairly to begin with. Polls aside I think Romney wins convincingly.

  8. 1wanderingtruthseeker says:

    I don’t think I should have to pay for anyone’s abortion. Planned ParentHood gives away FREE BIRTH CONTROL. If you don’t want a baby then make sure you are on birth control. Or better yet, don’t have sex unless you want a baby. Most of these people use abortion as birth control.

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