Refuse to be a Victim Revisited

Posted: November 8, 2012 in Survival
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There you have it; that’s all it takes!  You must simply refuse to be a victim.  Whether in your personal or professional life, the most important thing is to have the mindset that you will not be a victim.  Once that mindset is developed, everything else becomes easy.  People with a victim mentality attract predators, people with a survival and refusal to be a victim mentality keep predators at bay.

Once you have decided to not be a victim, then doors of opportunity open.  Your confidence increases, your interests broaden.  You must keep moving forward, train vigilantly in defensive techniques and in the proper use of firearms and practice, practice, then practice some more. 

Remember each person is individually responsible for their own safety and security.  Don’t delegate that responsibility to someone else.  Make sure you have the skills and the will to defend yourself  properly if the situation ever calls for it.

  1. Dyrewulf says:

    A good first step is looking at the NRA training in the area: I started learning firearms in 1975 – when I was 5 years old, which sounds crazy these days, but it was pretty standard growing up in a farming and hunting area of Ohio.

  2. rmactsc says:

    Thanks for the link. Makes you wonder how we went from learning vital skills in the old days to having many people today, afraid to take firearms training and also learn to protect themselves.

  3. highdesertlivin says:

    Be prepared to use non lethal force, i e prepared to escalate.When Im cruising around with my family I generally will have a small asp collapsible baton, spyderco mil.,and a s&w 340 ti m&p in 357 w/1 speed loader.It could be very expensive defending yor need to shoot a agressive panhandler.

    • rmactsc says:

      Excellent points highdesertlivin. I usually carry a Buck Pro Line Folder in my pocket, Smith & Wesson M&P45 as my concealed carry handgun and I keep a metal 18 inch long 1 inch thick plumbing pipe with wrapped handle in my SUV as well. You are correct; non lethal force should be considered as a defensive measure when appropriate.

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