I must admit I find it hard to pass up opportunities to purchase Bug out Bags.  I’ve changed and reconfigured bug out bags more often than many people change their socks lol 🙂  So based on my experience, the best bug out bag you can get for the money, from almost any military surplus store, is the Medium Alice Pack.  They are well made packs and inexpensive.  Do yourself a favor and get the external frame as well, as they are so much more versatile with the pack attached to the frame then without one.  Then modify away as they are very easy to configure and adapt as needed.

  1. 1stminstrel says:

    Did you see my post on the jacket that goes from a windbreaker to a Parka in just a few seconds?
    Inflatable jacket.

  2. rmactsc says:

    I did see that post. Do you have one? If so have you tried using it? I remember many years ago in Navy basic training they taught us how to inflate our clothes such as pants, or hat or shirt by putting us all in the deep end of a large swimming pool, having us tread water and work on some techniques for inflating clothes. It was quite the experience 🙂

  3. Idahobob says:

    My preference is the Snugpak Bergan rucksack.

    Have years of experience with the medium and large Alice packs.


  4. Hmm…there might be just about enough room in that one…maybe!! 😉

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