Another tragic shooting occurred, this time in my home state of Connecticut.  With that said my prayers go out to the families and friends of the victims but the most effective way to stop these tragic events from happening is not to ban guns for the millions of law abiding citizens such as myself who use firearms and have permits to carry them; but instead to do the following.

  • Cultivate a society where more properly trained, law abiding civilians carry weapons.  We are the front lines for intervening in these types of incidents if we happen to be in the same location where a nut job tries to do a Newtown or a Columbine or an Aurora.  The laws on this need to protect us fully if we have an option to stop a shooter; and save lives and exercise that option.
  • Stop designating gun free zones such as at the school in Newtown.  All a gun free designation does is tell criminals that there is no armed presence there to stop them; which only encourages them in their criminal ways even more.
  • Stop trying to ban the gun rights of law abiding citizens.  Gun control only takes away weapons from law abiding citizens; as criminals obtain their weapons illegally on the black market.

I for one am a proud gun owner who has carried concealed, legally, for most of my adult life and will continue to do so.

  1. nvchad2 says:

    Very well put. I agree with you on every point. I just hope others out there view this the same way we do.

  2. David Atkinson says:

    I used to substitute teach after I retired. One day at lunch the subject of guns at school came up. Many of the liberal teachers were emphatic that no guns at schools should be allowed. My opinion was and is, and I stated it to them, that we need a sign at each school that says 15 + percent of the faculty may be armed. If they are in charge at their school they can have a sign saying that no guns are allowed. I then asked them, “If you were a bad guy which school would you go to?”
    I feel that if enought teachers were armed and trained, many of these problems could be either prevented or harm done would be way less.
    More good concealed carry people is the solution to these problems, not taking guns away from good citizens, which allows only bad guys to then have guns.

  3. Holli says:

    Such a tragedy. Instead of one of the faculty coming to the rescue, they had to watch in terror and helplessness as the children died. May God rest their souls.

  4. I wondered what your thoughts on this tragic and heartbreaking event would be. I should think the case for gun control will have been massively strengthened in the minds of some people. A very charged subject I would assume.

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