I am a law abiding, pistol permit holder and like millions of others we have never shot anyone and we use our guns for recreational purposes and for personal and home defense.  Gun control does nothing to reduce crime; it simply disarms law abiding citizens who purchase their guns legally, but does nothing to disarm criminals who purchase their guns illegally on the black market.

Gun control for law abiding citizens is pure nonsense; as only law abiding citizens would be affected.  Criminals don’t obey laws which is why they are criminals.  Don’t worry all you gun control advocates; if you are ever in danger from a thug or criminal who is intent on harming you or your family I will make sure not to assist with my firearm.  After all you really don’t want law abiding citizens who could have helped you to be armed and to save your life or families lives anyway.

  1. Erm…what happens if the thug/criminal is also armed and shoots first or has a probably highly illegal gun that proves bigger and even more dangerous than your own? We’re assuming here that you don’t automatically get to fire the first shot…and that he/she doesn’t necessarily miss their chosen target – you? Is there not a risk of a gun war or the likes starting up in the middle of the street etc putting other innocent passers by etc at risk – potentially? Just curious…as you know the gun laws are different here so I’m not well-positioned to figure what’s best at the end of the day.

    • rmactsc says:

      At the end of the day the best thing that law abiding citizens who are carrying concealed firearms can do is to be vigilant, situationally aware and remember that they are their own best first line of defense when it comes to saving the lives of themselves and their families.

  2. conelrad says:

    Well stated Roger, better than what I did on my blog.

  3. ldunnjr01 says:

    I want two of the signs. Seriously!

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