Surviving The Apocalypse Revisited

Posted: December 18, 2012 in Tactics
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Whatever apocalyptic scenario life throws your way, the main thing to remember is that you must survive.  In order to survive it is important to be aware of the following.

  • While fear can be a normal response, one must come to terms with that fear in order to survive.
  • In a defensive capacity you must be able to out-think and out-fight your opponent.
  • Choose your survival weapons wisely.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings no matter how innocent they may look.
  • Know the difference between cover and concealment.  IE:  cover may hide you and will stop a bullet; concealment may hide you but will not stop a bullet.
  • Always have a backup plan.
  • Act quickly and decisively but don’t overreact or act too soon.
  • There is no such thing as a fair fight or battle.  If your life is on the line you must win at any cost.  Make sure the unfair advantage is in your favor.

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  1. I will be downloading the 2nd book very soon – I intend for it to be my download to my Kindle Fire – super slim HD version no less! I wasn’t expecting that one! Very excited now 😉 lol…Have promised to keep it till christmas so can’t act before then 😉 I haven’t had the remotest chance to read anything with the lead up to christmas…including blogs as my absence probably shows! But I think I almost there and I might get 2 seconds of me-time by midnight christmas eve if I’m lucky! …6 more sleeps to go…6 more sleeps to Santa…lol …”6 more sleeps till a big, fat fella comes down your chimney, and brings your presents, and brings your beer!! 6 more sleeps to Santa!!”

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