I am a proud conservative, a loving family man and a weapons owner.  It is my right as a law abiding citizen to legally purchase and own firearms and as I have a permit to carry concealed for self protection and family protection; it is my right to do that as well.  I am the voice of most Americans who feel exactly the same way about their right to keep and bear arms.  So to you anti-gunners; stop your whining, sniveling and groveling and get with the values and freedoms that are protected and should be respected under the Constitution.


  1. Only criminals,the police and sand hunters have weapons in my country.

  2. CDP says:

    Amen, well said.

  3. it’s a very emotive issue though…from what I hear there are a huge number of US citizens who have voted in favour of tightening up the gun control laws. More thorough background checks as has been suggested would do no harm to the law abiding gun owner to be, and surely is a must in helping to weed out those head cases who should never be let anywhere near a gun…unless it’s to be on the receiving end of one. I gather there’s also been talk of armed police/;guards being posted in the schools since the last shooting. Wondered what you thought about that idea? Wouldn’t it be somewhat traumatic on a daily basis for at least the more sensitive children? Or do you think they’d welcome it and feel safer at school? A shoot out in the classroom doesn’t sound too healthy to me…

    • rmactsc says:

      If we can place armed guard in banks and at federal buildings why not also in school. I am also in favor of armed school teachers or administrators for those who want to be and are properly trained. I find it stunning that every time a nut job commits a crime with a gun, some liberal wants to take away the gun rights of law abiding citizens instead of severely punishing the criminal.

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