A communications drop is an old school way for two or more people to stay in touch in a clandestine manner.   A drop is a secure location known only to the people who use the site but is not common knowledge to outsiders.  In the event other forms of communication cannot be used due to an electro- magnetic pulse or other security considerations; a secure communications drop can be a way for families to remain in contact.  Secure drops can be the inside of a hollowed out log or perhaps a secret area inside an outdoor deck.  Written messages, coded or un-coded can be left to alert family and friends as to where and when you would like them to meet you.  The nice thing about old school communication drops is there is no limit to how creative your drop sites can be.

If you like this blog post feel free to check out my fiction books which can be seen on my blog page to the left of this post.  Click on the book cover images to see a preview.  If you like what you see then please consider purchasing a copy.


  1. 1stminstrel says:

    I enjoy coded messages such as my post yesterday “What is the path?”….it allows me to find people with similar interests….message drops were a favorite when I was growing up with myself and a few friends…your post brought back some memories and smiles.

  2. rmactsc says:

    Glad you enjoyed. Sometimes the old ways are still, when the circumstances are right, the best ways.

  3. I see you keep hawking your book, why not post the first chapter to give a sense of the writing style and tease people into a purchase?

    • rmactsc says:

      Free sample chapters are available when you click on the book images on the blog page. The look inside option allows you to get a free sneak peek. Sales for October, November and December were good and I have mixed thoughts sometimes about adding those reminders about checking out my books; but they do generate sales so the hawking will continue 🙂 Hope all is well with you as I have not seen any posts or comments in some time.

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