Two Very Often Overlooked Prepper Tips for Winter

Posted: December 30, 2012 in Survival
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With the winter weather arriving; here are two very important prepper tips to follow.

  1. Start your snow blower now to make sure it functions.  Don’t wait until the snow is several feet deep before finding out your snow blower won’t start.  If you’re buying a snow blower make sure it has both a manual start and an electric start option.
  2. Start your generator now to make sure it functions.  Don’t wait until you’ve already lost power to see if it works.  Test it and make sure everything runs properly so if it is needed; it will be ready to go.  If you’re buying a generator make sure it is sufficiently powerful to run your home and is wired correctly; so it can function as a whole house generator.  Again both a manual and an electric start option should be on the generator you select.


  1. phoebe53 says:

    I don’t have a snow blower, it only snowed once where I am, about 3 feet and it was gone the next day. 😀 Although, being from Maine I’m very familiar with the white fluffy stuff and shovels.

    Another option for just a power out scenario, as long as you have a wood stove, is an inverter and a couple of deep cycle batteries, you can recharge them with your car if necessary.

    I just don’t like the idea of generators, they can be dangerous if not used correctly and you have to store up tons of gas for them, they are not cheap to buy or run. When we used one on a travel trailer it took 2 gallons a day, that’s about $6 a day and we used it for a month, roughly $200 and we didn’t use it for heat, can’t even imagine what it would cost for a whole house.

  2. phoebe53 says:

    A shovel is what you see govt workers leaning on beside the road. Or…….they call it shovel ready projects because they are waiting for the shovel to be invented.

  3. highdesertlivin says:

    Leave a little fuel (make sure it is stabilized) in your gen ,so you injector doesnt dry out and break.Been there. Happy new year.

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