America is still the greatest nation on planet Earth.  We seem as a nation, however, to be losing our way.  In light of that here are my solutions to making America great again.  Implement these changes and our country will improve immediately.

  1. Laws need to be fair, simplified and easy to understand.
  2. Laws must be Constitutional.
  3. People need to work for a living and stop receiving “lifetime” government handouts.
  4. Government is too large and needs to be significantly reduced in size.
  5. Government and business corruption needs to be severely punished.
  6. Government needs to stop sticking their noses into every facet of people’s lives and stop trying to regulate everything.
  7. Proper morals and values need to be taught.  There is a right and there is a wrong even if the mainstream media doesn’t think so.
  8. People need to take personal responsibility for their actions.
  9. Criminals need to receive harsher punishments and should serve out their full sentences without the possibility of early release.
  10. Criminals convicted of rape, murder, carjacking, etc., should automatically receive life sentences with no chance of parole or the death penalty.
  11. No restrictions or laws should ever be placed on law abiding citizen’s when it comes to owning guns.
  12. The right to protect your home and family from thugs and criminals should always be the law of  the land free from malicious prosecution. 
  13. Laws should protect law abiding citizens, not thugs and criminals.
  14. Border security must be strengthened and illegal aliens must be deported.
  15. Flat tax should be implemented.  Everyone pays the same low percentage regardless of income level.

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  1. Holli says:

    We have a lot of hearts to change from the “gimme” mentality. Keep up the great posts and maybe we won’t have to use your books as real time survival guides instead of fiction for enjoyment!

  2. Well stated, succinctly. Thanks, ReBlogging. GE.

  3. 1wanderingtruthseeker says:

    you took the words right out of my mouth! We need to hang tough.

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