When your shot placement is off target there are 5 common reasons why this occurs.

  1. Jerking the trigger which causes the front sight to move off target.  Corrective action is to slowly and steadily squeeze the trigger keeping your front sight on target.
  2. Recoil anticipation which also causes the front sight to move off target.  Corrective action is not to anticipate the recoil before it actually occurs.
  3. Improper trigger finger placement, when the trigger is squeezed at an angle, this causes the muzzle to move off target.  Corrective action is to maintain a straight, even finger placement on the trigger prior to squeezing off a round.
  4. Inconsistencies in grip, stance, strength or alignment.  Corrective action is to maintain correct and consistent grip, stance, strength and alignment.
  5. Improper zeroing of weapon.  Corrective action is to properly zero your weapon.  A proper zero on a weapon enables you to consistently make your point of aim equal your point of impact.

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  1. nvchad2 says:

    Is this in response to my recent post about how bad I did when I shot my pistol? Haha. Seriously though, this is good information that new shooters definitely need to know. The key to good shooting is proper technique and consistency.

    • rmactsc says:

      No comment lol 🙂 It was information I followed when I first started shooting many years ago so I thought I’d share it to save others some time and wasted ammunition.

  2. Ok… I will attempt to hold a gun very tightly and not have the remotest shaky hand not in the least!

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