Why is shooting center mass and or head shots so important?  In essence because it is combat effective. It stops assailants who are trying to harm you and your family, during a home invasion, when the threat of death to you and yours is immediate and apparent.  Head shots are an expedient way to end an attack as hitting the brain turns off the attackers ability to control his central nervous system.  Head shots are generally more difficult then center mass shots as the head is a smaller target and tends to move around more than the torso area.

Center mass is essentially shots to the torso with the preferred location being high on the chest.  These are easier shots to make than head shots as even if your aim is slightly off, you still have a good chance of hitting a vital organ and bringing the attack to an end.  If your life or your families lives are in imminent danger, the primary focus is to stop the attack with a justifiable use of lethal force.  After all your life is more important than some scumbags who is out there to rape or murder you with no regard for your life or the lives or your loved ones.

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  1. Hope I never find myself in that situation!

    • rmactsc says:

      Same here. It’s always good to be prepared though just in case.

    • andyknaster says:

      What the anti-gun folks don’t realize is that rational and responsible gun owners hope to never need to use them apart from the range and the field. Defending your domain means that somebody has penetrated your domain. Seeing somebody in your home creates an image that is pretty indelible in your mind. Killing a criminal inside of your domain leaves an even more indelible image. Most people have never taken a life. Doing so, even when you are fully justified and within your rights, changes a bit of your soul that you’ll never recover. Of course, that is preferable to the alternative of losing your life or those of your loved ones. It is also preferable to having to live in a home where your privacy has been grossly violated and you live in fear of that happening again.

      • rmactsc says:

        I’ve never understood how the anti gun crowd can care so little about protecting themselves and their loved ones from thugs, rapists and murderers.

  2. andyknaster says:

    If someone is using a semi-automatic weapon with a decent rate of fire, firing center of mass is very important because the shots tend to go up and to the right (left for southpaws like me). By the fourth shot when you start at center of mass, you’re off target. That is why the redesign of the M-16 went from having full auto to three round burst.

    • rmactsc says:

      That is an excellent point and also underlines the fact that proper weapons control and shot placement is essential in a defensive situation where your life is on the line.

      • andyknaster says:

        Along with firing center of mass is choosing the proper bullet. I do not recommend using hard ball ammo for home defense. It’s great for the range and breaking in a gun, but that’s about it. If the slug comes out the same size that it went in, the chance of injuring an intruder without putting him down increases. Expanding slugs are best to maximize damage to the intruder. I use Federal Guard Dog 45 ACP. It is an Expanding Full Metal Jacket (EFMJ) round. The results are devastating (see http://youtu.be/T7Bu_d4darc). Of equal value is the fact that the Guard Dog is polymer filled so as soon as it hits anything of substance, it expands which means it is highly unlikely to penetrate a wall which is a plus for apartment dwellers. It’s not cheap (about a buck per round), but if you invest money in home protection, $25 for a box of bullets that are dangerous for intruders and safe for your neighbors (or loved ones in other rooms) is well worth it.

      • rmactsc says:

        Thanks for the suggestion. I have not tried that particular brand yet.

    • theinnerhaven says:

      It is also good to remember that if defending using a rifle such as an AR-15 new shooters forget that they have to compensate for mechanical offset and close distances. For new shooters this means that if you shooting within 10 yards or so your bullet will impact lower than where you are aming. Dont forget to aim slightly higher than where you intend to hit during close quaters shooting.

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